22/09/18 | Lucas
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2 jears with this food.

Pluses: - no smelly poop - cats like it Minuses: - recomended dose may not be enough in vitamins. my cat got bit anemic. - not all ingridients are listed. 41%protein from poultry and other 59% comes from where? i would like to know that. im guessing it is soy protein maybe..
07/09/18 | F Foulds
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Indoor cats

With 4 cats..2 chubby, 1 youngster & 1 Maine coon type we have a variety of needs. Concept indoor has been enjoyed by all 4 and our youngster doesnt want to eat anything else. The older ones used to have a bit of a dry skin issue but that has resolved itself with the oldest having noticeably softer fur now and no sign of dandruff. Will continue to buy this product and will give the wet food a go as well.
30/07/18 | Jazmine Flegg
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

My Maine coons love this

My 2 girl Maine coons absoloutly love these biscuits. I used to buy a premium brand but they love these just the same at a lower price!
30/10/17 | ffroglet mel
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Great Food

My cats are mainly raw-fed, but do enjoy a little kibble treat on the side. As house cats they require something low calorie and one has a selection of food intolerances including egg and cranberry. All in all this food fits the bill - it's great to be able to check calorie content and all the ingredients on this site. Oh yes, and they love it
30/10/17 | Joan
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Concept For Life

My 16 year old cat is very choosy about his food but he seems to like Concept for Life. He changes his mind quickly so I will just wait and see but at the moment he is eating like there is no tomorrow!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good value as a bundle

Not entirely sure of the wet food ingredients/composition but half the rescue cats eat both the wet and dry without complaining. The other half will lick the sauce off then leave the "meat(?)". The dry food has a very strong chicken flavour when opening the bag. Good quality packaging.
29/04/17 | Katya
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Good dry food for cats

My cat seems to love it - she is a fussy eater, but always leaves her plate empty with this food.
24/04/17 | Donna
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She likes it!

My cat has mostly wet food with dry as a back up - she currently has whiskas biscuits, which she's OK with, but I decided to give these a try since could get a tiny size. As a 'treat', she likes these - I'm not entirely convinced whether she'll be as keen if she has a bowlful, but I will try it out when I place my next order. She did eat one first when given a choice of a dreamie or one of these, (& Dreamies are generally a bit of a draw) so can't be too bad.
05/04/17 | Mogsworth
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Happy kitty

I bought this for variety for my norwegian forest cat, as there is only one brand available for his breed. Maine Coons are similar in many ways, and are both large breeds, so bought this for the large kibble. I also bought another brand of Maine Coon food, and comparing the two, the other brand wins, it all gets eaten , but the kibble is smaller, only a bit bigger than regular dried food.