10/06/20 | Siobhán


We put our Labrador on this food as per advice from our vet. She lost 6kg and she’s like a new dog. Prior to putting her on the food she was limping but that improved completely after she lost the 6kg. I would highly recommend this food for overweight dogs.


keep my dogs fit

I buy the Hill's Science Plan Mature 7+ Light in several years. It really can keep my two 13 years old dog in good shape.



Our beagle is 10 & is in excellent health. This food suits him very well as it keeps him trim with the added advantage of being kind on his digestion, & the consequent waste product!


Highly recommended

My 'old boy' has been on Hills Science plan since he was 14 weeks ago and he will be 15 years old later this year. This light diet option which is intended for older dogs suits him now that he is older and prone to put on weight more easily


Excellent Product

My 11 year old Collie has been eating Science Plan for years and the mature range suits her well, with no wastage. Great price from ZooPlus and delivery times have got better recently. Love the Rewards scheme to get lots of treats and toys etc.


hills science plan

The food is very good for our two dogs who both love it . We are very happy with this produce and zooplus company are very efficient and the delivery is extremely good .

06/08/14 | Joe

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time not like other retail store

06/08/14 | Hazel Rees

Keeps my dog in good shape

I switched to Hills Science plan Mature Light about 3 years ago and it has been easy to maintain healthy weight during that time. This has had an added advantage because she has been more mobile, and active and at almost 14 years of age that is important. Trixie has arthritis in her hips and is on medication, but we find that this food really suits her and people think that she is much younger than her age. I now purchase the food through Zooplus who are very competitive with their pricing, and the free delivery is excellent. I buy the 12kg bags and find that it costs less than £6 a week to feed her, so one happy pet and one happy owner.

06/08/14 | David

Perfect for a working dog

My springer was losing weight - it was so active ordinary food was just not providing the nourishment and protein it needed. The vet suggested moving to this and the dog has got stronger and gained weight - but is not fat, so I presume the weight must be increased muscle and all over development.

05/13/14 | Mandi Johnson

Great dogs grubs

I use this food when I can afford it by the sack great for my EBTs but I prefer the 18k so when the good cheaper deals are on... I'm in ;)

03/25/14 | Heike

best food ever

This is just THE best dog food ever! Both our ladies (wire haired dachshund and dachshund crossbreed, 12 and 11 years old) are neutered and in addition of the always-hungry-and-not-picky sort. So we very early switched to this senior light which kept them nice and slim and they can have an additional few bites throughout the day without fattening. As the pellets are so dry and not greasy on the surface as most other main dog food, we also use them as treats on the walks etc, just pop them into our pocktes without staining the clothes. It's absolutely worth its money as it also fulfills best requirements in all other nutritional aspects. As part of my work is giving nutritional counselling I also have put quite some overweight dogs on this food with great results.

04/30/13 | janet kelly

hills mature light chicken

we are pleased with the food our mum gets for us, it always arrives on time and because of the reward programme we can now start getting extra treats and things.

04/30/13 | janet kelly

megan,bailey and rosie

we are very happy that our mum gets us the dog food from zooplus, we never go without as when we are getting low she orders us more and it arrives when it says it will so we always have food, and with the reward programme we can have treats and things because she only uses zooplus.


Hills advantage foods

Excellent way to ensure health of dog with good value. Recommended to us by vet and ensured good health, good skin/fur and teeth. thanks

09/06/12 | jojo povey

hill science small breed chicken

i buy hills science because i have the reassurance i am feeding my beloved king charles nutricous tasy food....... and the small kibble is perfect for her .... she is now 2 and every meal time she bounces around the kitchen and chases her tail in excitment knowing she is getting a yummy dinner...... zooplus offer great prices easy to pay and quick delivery, cant reacommend enough :)

07/15/12 | San

Great quality and worth the cost

Our Springer needed to lose a little weight due to her Arthritis and this certainly helped. She has always had a sensitive stomach and so we find it hard to get food that doesn't upset her tummy. Hills is perfect for her. She has had no tummy problems and since we put her on the diet food she has lost 3.5 kilos. It's good quality and she loves it


Hill's Adult chicken with rice

I have fed my six year old German Shepherd Hill's Science dry dog food since he was a pup. His coat is in excellent condition and I find hair loss is virtually none. Tried changing it once to a cheaper brand but not for long. The results way outstrip the price!


Quality food

I think the food is quality and the dogs really seem to like it. Will keep on buying!

01/31/11 | Mrs G Moore

Overweight and fat dog? No more!

I have a miniature wire-haired dachsund who also is very greedy. My vet kept telling me he was overweight (true) and not as active as he should be (also true). I had tried him on various diets but to no avail. A friend recommended Hill's Mature Adult 7+ Light Chicken biscuits which I was told expanded in the stomach and made the dog feel full, so not very hopefully I put Alphie on the recommended programme and it worked. He is not as slim as the vet would wish but instead of being 6lbs overweight, he is now just 2lbs and not trying to eat everything else. And he loves it. Thank you Hill's.