The items says the kibble is small but it was the size of a 2 euro coin

I used to buy this brand from my vet so I was surprised to see how enormous the kibble was. I don't know if I got a strange batch because the kibble is described as being small, but I don't want to chance buying it again.



Tracking and delivery on time, satisfied, but a lot of tape on the box. This is our first try of this food on the vet's recommendation, so we will see over time how good it is.

03/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

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We have not ordered on here before, but we have been using this food for some time and know it works. It is happily eaten with good results, absolutely recommend. It is important to avoid protein-rich chews - carrots or apple pieces are better, or Dentastix, for dental care (and, of course, brushing teeth).