23/06/18 | Kathryn
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Helps poor appetite and weight loss

My 16 year old cat with kidney disease was struggling with poor appetite and losing weight, but he loves this dried food (not so keen on the pouches), he's still a bit thin but has definitely put on some weight and his fur is lovely and glossy. I haven't had to hand feed him since he started this food. Hopefully it'll help keep him going for a while yet!
05/02/17 | Lynn
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Life saver

My cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and the vet recommended to change his diet to a special kidney food. After changing his diet to Hills kidney care he is a changed cat has put on weight and lives a happy life we highly recommend this product.
26/09/16 | Sanna Nilsson
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My cat has chronic renal failure and this was recommended by the vet. He's had it for over a year now and he's so much happier and stronger! It is also very much cheaper in the UK than in Sweden where I lived before. A 5 kg bag costed around 56£ there. Very pleased with this!
27/08/16 | Szandra
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Life saving

My 8 yrs old Birman had kidney problems. Even tho he was eating ok he was still getting smaller has been throwing up on a daily basis. He was all about the crap wet food wasn't so keen on dry before i put him on these kibbles. He absolutly loves them. He prefers them to wet food and will munch on them all day long..he's not only put all the weight back on in just few days being on Hills k/d but he's the heaviest he's ever been (always been slim). His fur looks amazing shiny,smooth was scruffy before. His mood improved. Never looked healthier. Couldn't recommend this enough. A real life saver
02/05/16 | Matt L
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Ended the vomiting and lethargy

Our vet told us that both our cats had mild issues with their kidneys. They were lethargic, throwing up a lot and drinking a lot of water. 2 days with this cat food and that all stopped. Furthermore they love eating it which is incredible as they normally tire of the same wet cat food quickly. A truly superb product.
17/11/15 | Eric
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Hill's Prescription Diet Feline k/d

Our fifteen year old rescue cat, Candy, has been having this dry food for around two years or more, since our Vet recommended it. We tried her with a small amount at first and she loved it from the very beginning. Previously she had been eating other very good dried food for years, but it was now the time to change to a prescription diet, our Vet told us. Candy is doing very well on this food and is quite active for her age. I would not change her diet now. Recommended.
08/10/15 | Debra Conteh
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Hill KD Dry food

My cat Jasmine had to go onto Renal food after kidney problems and a kidney bypass operation. This is the only food she enjoys, apart from lapping up the gravy from Royal Canin Renal food. It was a relief when we finally found a food she would eat as she was quickly loosing weight and things were not looking good for her. So we are really happy that this food has saved her.
09/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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This food saved my 6 year old cat with chronic renal failure. He was very very ill but has overcome the crisis thanks to this kibble. He eats this with gusto and hasn't been ill since we switched to this food.
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Kidney Problems

Good food for our elderly cat who has kidney problems.
01/06/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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This was the first dry food we gave our cat. She loves it even more than the wet food, and keeps asking for it. For us it was the perfect solution to her illness, and the price is very affordable!
20/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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It's perfect

My cat has happily eaten this from the first day we gave it to him. When he started getting bad kidneys and had to change his diet, this food meant it wasn't a big problem. All K/D range products work well with my cat, including the pate, wet food and dry food. Even the rest of my healthy cats like it! I would recommend it 100%.
02/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Highly recommended for all cats with CRF

My Burmese has always been picky and doesn't eat much, and since he's had chronic renal failure he has only eaten Hill's and Royal Canin prescription diet to control his problem.
30/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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This is definitely not the most appetising of foods for cats, but I can also say that my cat managed to survive a kidney failure thanks to this food.
25/01/14 | Meg's Mum
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Good for k/d kittens!

Well, Zooplus prices are about 50% lower than my vets!! This (the chicken) alternative of the K/D diet is the lowest I can find in phosphates and protein - the salmon flavour is more suited for senior cats and has much higher levels. This is one of the two Renal foods I feel confident feeding my cat (the other being Royal Canine Renal).
24/06/13 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Great quality at a great price!
06/09/12 | Wendy Dresen
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Hill's is great quality food

Hill's might cost more then some supermarket foods. But in this case you get what you pay for! My cat with renal failure loves this food. She is very healthy now and her renal functions are now stable for years.