19/01/22 | Marianne Aspell
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Highly recommend

We have an older dog with ongoing digestive problems. Was using hills digestive zd for a while and it was just ok she had good days and bad.... then this was recommended and started on this and it was an instant success! No more diarrhea or bad smells and my dog is much better!
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Excellent for dog with tummy problems

Puppy had a lot of tummy issues and had been quite ill. Switched to this food and she’s been super since.
09/11/21 | Victoria
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Hills dry food

My dog is very happy with this dry food, no more diarrhea. She is an old dog with weak stomach, so we tried to find suitable food for her, Hills is exactly what we need.
27/04/21 | Gill
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Life changing

I have a rough collie senior who struggled with loose poo. She ended up in a bad way even though I wouldn’t have changed anything in her diet. She is on this almost 5 or 6 weeks now snd doing really well. I’ve changed my second senior to it now too. Clean plates and they eat every piece. Easier cleanup for me too and holly looks very well. Reassuring it’s very good nutritionally as well. Great value.
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Finally a food that helps!

I have a 2 year old cavalier cross beagle you kept getting ill with gastrointestinal infections and upset I tried so many different type of gastrointestinal food but nothing helped even hills science plan sensitive stomach and skin. But this version works no infections since *fingers cross* and he's on his second bag! Well worth the purchase answered my prayers.
29/03/20 | Kadi
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Chronic diarrhea

My frenchy has had diarrhea for a long time. It has not been very loose, but on charts it is more 4-6, than normal 2-3. Also our vet did not know what to recommend. I made my own research and desided to try this food. After 4 days of gradual food change (still half old food), stool is like nr 2. So happy and my dog really loves the taste (cannot wait eating time).
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Hills Gastrointestinal Biome Digestive/Fibre Care

A really good food, my senior dog (13 years old) had giardia and terrible diarrhoea, and this helped so quickly. Within 2-3 days the stool consistency was better. We continued using it after worm treatment. The gut slowly repaired and after about 2 months he was completely better. TOP dog food that I completely recommend!!
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