10/16/21 | G Cosgrave

Major supply issues

Have just changed to the new formula and have encountered major supply issues. Why change the formula if you can't meet demand? Have had to switch to mini kibble for a large dog which is far from ideal and only able to buy a 3kg bag. Zooplus keep extending their expected delivery date which is now well into November. The price has also gone through the roof in the past 12 months. Sadly I can no longer rely on a supply of this product from Zooplus.

02/27/21 | Lianna

It’s ok

My dog has indoor outdoor and food allergies. My vet recommended hills z/d I find with the dry food she’s still itching under her chin and her bottom. Her ears are dreadful especially with the dry food cos of mites. The wet food is slightly better, but unfortunately hasn’t worked for her

02/27/20 | Margaret wren

Itchy and red skin problem with chicken and corn

My dog stil itch and skin is very red. Can you get this food without chicken corn

10/27/18 | Conor

Loves it

My dog diagnosed with sensitivities ever since he has been given this his stools are solid and coat shinier with bigger energy levels He never leaves a scrap


Dog says "very Tasty"

Vet recommended Z/D as our lovable dog is very allergy prone. He never leaves any in the bowl, reminds us when its time to feed him, when we forget. Compared to more popular brands, his waste has definitely reduced and does not smell (much) and no more wind between meals. Safe to say we are all very happy with this

08/14/18 | Ian

At last, a food that doesn't make her scratch!

After years of skin irritaion, courses of steroids and cyto injection my dog was tested and found to be allergic to Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Venison and Soy. After 6 days on this food the irritation is gone and she is losing some of the weight put on during steroid courses. I note the comment that this product contains Soy but I can't find that on the ingredients. The only problem is kibble size; my dog is a Parson Russell terrier so not that big but she just swallows this food whole!

05/16/18 | Chris


Fantastic product has really helped our bulldog Ollie


Hills Z/D

Excellent product, has helped eliminate allergy skin issues of my Gt. Dane.


serves a purpose

My dog was very ill - couldnt even keep chicken down. after a period of illness culminating in vomitting and extreme diarrhea, this food had instant. food kept down and stools better within days. Vetsexp but good value with zooplus and similar to barking heads which we normally buy. However once my dog has regained has weight I will transition to something else. Its high in fat which may lead to pancreas problems and it doesnt feel like good ingredients. Highly pallatable 4 fussy dog

02/06/17 | Catherine


This was perfect for my pug the vet recommends it and his anxiety and irritation has ceased.

09/16/16 | lisa

please do not keep changing your dog food formulas

Hills on the whole produce good quality animal food my complaint is that they keep changing the formulas which is causing a great deal of upset to the animals and there owners .. why change a good thing Hills ?? i hope that you do not change your low fat id dog food .. please leave it the same as it is a good product

05/19/15 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk


My beagle suffers from food intolerance and we have been giving him this food for the past 2 years. It took us ages to find the right food and our vet helped us to find something for very sensitive dogs. There is not a huge selection out there, so it's really good that zooplus is now stocking this.

01/02/15 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Seems to work

Our dog has stopped itching since we started feeding Hills z/d and her fur is growing back. The only problem is that I have to feed her by hand since she doesn't really like the food. But I'm hoping she will get used to it.


Helps with food allergy

Our Puggle is allergic to several foods, especially those with meat in them. Our vet recommended this food and we are really pleased with the results.

12/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

It works

At last I can buy it at zooplus. Our Irish Setter has had real problems with his ears. Our vet recommended we try this food and it works. We supplement it with z/d canned food and we are so pleased - our dog likes it too.

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