24/05/18 | barbara aston
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Our Labradoodle has been on this food for about a year now. He has long thin legs which need protection, and we worry about him getting joint problems. He is continuing to run very, very fast keeping up with greyhounds. I would recommend this product for people with an ageing dog.
08/02/17 | Mark
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Excellent product

Jack, our Labrador, really enjoys this food and its really helped with his joint problems. He loves to run, jump and chase and this food has helped him do all of these things.
09/10/14 | Ellie Allen
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After just 1 year on this amazing food I now have a 10 and a half year old Westie who walks with a spring in his step again - one happy dog and one ecstatic proud owner! Thank you
11/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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A total joy for my golden retriever

My 2 year old Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. This food only takes a couple of weeks to see a visible improvement, I can see that he's really happy when he's playing and moving. And just a couple of weeks ago he was barely moving because he had such a limp. Thank you Hills J/D!
26/08/14 | Rachel
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A ***** product

My 6 year old GSD cross had cruciate ligament operation on both legs a a young dog, showed signs of arthritis in her hips, this was recommended by my vet and she has had 3 good winters which she would normally have problems. This is a fantastic product.
14/08/14 | Blake Murtagh
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8 Year Old German Shepherd

I have been feeding my 8 Year Old German Shepherd who has hip dysplasia this food for the last 3 years and she is still running around like a pup. She does be a bit stiff in the winter but otherwise ok. Icing on the cake, now that I can but it on zooplus I stand to save about €200 a year!
02/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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A great change

Following the recommendations of my vet I started my dog on this diet. He told me not to expect a huge improvement but that it would help to reduce the pain in my Rottweiler's hind legs. But to my surprise we noticed a great improvement and he has gained greatly in quality of life. I'm glad we found this food.
08/06/14 | Jan Jones
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Golden retriever

Our 12 year old golden retriever started on this food after surgery for a cruciate ligament injury. The results were amazing, he came off all his medication and was like a new dog. He always found it difficult getting up even before the injury, but now he is fine apart from a bit of stiffness at times. Although it is expensive I have no hesitation in recommending this food. Service and price from Zooplus is excellent and I shall continue to order from this company
08/06/14 | Martina
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Good quality dog food.

My Lab is getting old and it's becoming increasingly difficult for his ageing body to keep up with his young mind. I could see improvement in his mobility after about a month.
16/03/14 | Liz
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Calorie reduced

Please can we have this one on sale too please!
11/11/13 | Jacob Gadd
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It Works!

Normally I am sceptical. This food was recommended by a stranger on a walk one day. Our 9.5 year old Hovawart walked slowly and had sadly become more stiff in her legs during the past months. Our wet recommended pain killers, and we gave her from time to time. The stranger told us that she had good experiences using Hills J/D for her old dog. I thought let's try it and hope for the best. Already after two weeks a positive change started to show. To day after 5 weeks our dog seems free of pain and some times runs and jump almost like when she was young. And only change is this food!
31/08/13 | cromercrox
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Almost instant results with our Golden Retriever

Our Golden Retriever Heidi suffers from quite extreme arthritis in her hips. Even though she's not yet six years old, X-rays showed severe degeneration of her hip joints, and she often limped after long walks. Our vet prescribed this food and the results were almost immediate. As well as losing weight, she limped much less and seemed to regain much of her youthful vitality. Yes, it costs a fortune but it's worth it to see renewed life in our dog!
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seems to be working

With a labrador diagnosed with elbow dysplasia our vet has recommended this product to us. Our dog loves it; although to be fair he would eat anything - he is a labrador after all. Dysplasia is a condition that needs to be managed and this product with its high fish oil content seems to be working - with the added bonus that he has a lovely silky coat.
07/10/11 | Linda Goulding
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Fern is enjoying playing again

Having celebrated her 12th birthday, Fern had started to slow down and was receiving anti inflammatory tablets to help her. She was on Hills for older dogs (our other dog still is) and our vet suggested we try J/D. It wasn't an overnight change but she is a different dog - she loves to play with her toys and chase a ball. It's wonderful to see her so happy. Worth every penny
02/04/11 | Edward & Kathleen Ruane
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A Miracle Workier!!!

Our gigantic GSD--26" at the shoulder & 10 stone with nary a pick of fat--suffers from stiffle-joint displaysia, was no longer able to manage stairs, and in near-constant agony, has been completely rejuvenated by this marvelous formula. Though the price seems high, it's actually a bargain--no more anti-inflammatories or vet bills, and our beloved son is now pain free, which make J/D worth its weight in gold. One bag turned the tide a year ago, and Wolfie continues to enjoy his life, looks half his age now, his eyes sparkle, and his plush coat glows. We cannot recommend this food highly enough!