27/01/18 | Rachael
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my dog was very near being put to sleep after months of loose stools and loss of appetite put her on this food and totally transformed she has put a lot of weight back on and her coat is glossy would highly recommend this well worth the extra money
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A lifesaver

Our dog has severe inflammatory bowel disease & this (z/d) is the only food that he can tolerate. It was recommended by our vet, after several other foods proved to be indigestible, & we are thrilled by the results. Our dog's symptoms have reduced & he has even regained some of his lost weight.
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helped to settle my dogs poorly tummy

After a really bad stomach bug my beautiful golden 10 year old cocker spaniel was left with a upset tummy, and left with a sensitivity tummy which this product has help keep under control recommend this and the dry kibbles version. Pricey but worth it
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Great success in a short amount of time

My dog had bad blood levels for its pancreas, as well as obesity. I fed him this food daily for 2 months. During this, I didn't reduce the amount of food I gave him, and the dog ate as much as he usually would do. Even after a short period of time he lost a lot of weight. I could feel his ribs again and he was much more active! Also, the blood levels soon were normal again! I totally recommend this food!
16/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Very good

I bought this food because my vet told me to when my dog had diarrhea. I kept it in my house for some time, until i ran out of food and tried it. The truth is that it is doing very well and that my dog loves eating it.
21/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Excellent for my dog

As soon as this arrived, it looked good and my dog ate it immediately! My dog is diabetic and my vet advised me to try this brand of wet food as well as the kibble. Would highly recommend for any diabetic dogs!

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