05/06/21 | Людмила

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline y / d Thyroid Care

I took a cat from a shelter when she was 7 years old. Weight 2 kg. The clinic reported a very bad test for hypothyroidism, and will not live long :( We bought special dry and soft Hills food. Now the cat is 12 years old, it weighs 3.5 kg., cheerful and beautiful. The feed helps, one minus is a big box, and half of the feed is lost. I am happy with the products on ZooPlus - everything comes with high quality and on time. Many thanks from Estonia !

11/16/17 | P. Armstrong

Excellent product

My vet advised me that my 15 year old cat had to eat NOTHING but Hills y/d cat food forever more. Buying my first few tins at the surgery brought me to search for other suppliers. I've found Zooplus prices the BEST. I experimented with the wet food for some time before I get the portions and the way I served them right. Tom would leave quite a bit in the bowl, and once it was a half day old would not touch it again. I now serve it in very small portions cut up into small chunks.

11/08/17 | Janice Tidy

what a difference so far

My two 16 yr old sisters have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and kidney problem. Didn't want to use pills so are on this diet. Started mixing a little of their normal food with it and now they eat it without. They are looking much better and are not drinking so much - before they were always drinking. Mix with hot water as it is rather dry. Between them they eat one small tin a day. Am gong to try them on some dry as they were used to biscuit and think they miss it.

06/02/17 | FW

Life saver

My cat was severely allergic to thyroid meds, went unmedicated for 2 years but his weight had dropped from 14lbs to 9lbs and I worried we would lose him soon. After 3 weeks on this diet he gained a 1lb, just had his T4 levels tested and he is now in normal range! couldn't be happier, wish I had tried this sooner. Really happy to be able to buy from Zooplus rather than vets - thank you!


It works and that's the main thing! More variety though please

Our boy had a leg amputated following bone cancer and is getting on, so when we discovered he was hyperthyroid we wanted to avoid surgery. Medication was a disaster, sick everywhere, and he looked awful, so we gave this a try and are so glad we did. OK it's really boring, but he eats the meat and crunchies happily every day. He's put weight back on and is much chirpier. But you MUST be rigid about not giving anything else except loads of water.

09/02/16 | Vicki


My cat had gotten so poorly we were so worried she would die. We struggle to get her to take tablets so someone recommended this food. After just a week we could see a difference. Now she is back to her old, sometimes mischievous and annoying old self !!

06/23/16 | barbara

good product, but smaller tin please!

The food is good, and saved my cat's life, and therefore I am grateful. But it seem to be good when it is fresh, after 1 day in the fridge my cat refuses to eat it. So lot of waste. A smaller tin would be so appreciated



Our lady cat, aged 15, had lost a lot of weight, was losing her fur and she had lots of scabs. The vet recommended this and since she's started eating it, she's got a new lease of life!

02/18/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Very good

Great product, unfortunately my cat decided he didn't like it after 2 weeks of eating it.

10/17/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Hills Prescription Diet - Feline y/d

Our 12 year-old cat really likes this food. She eats really quickly so we have to dilute the food with water, so that she doesn't sick it all back up again. Her blood tests have really improved over the course of a few weeks. We are very satisfied with this food and would recommend it.


Change of recipe?

Initially my cat loved this - he'd got bored with the dry so it was a godsend, so I ordered the 24 pack after trying the first 12. This pack was completely different, some of the cans were really soft inside, some smelled really strange and I've not been able to get him to finish them. It's a shame as the first 12 really seemed to be making a difference!

09/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

It seems to work!

my cat has severe hyperthyroidism which has already attacked her liver. There is medical treatment available but it has proved fatal for some cats! So on the recommendation of the vet we tried the y/d from Hill's. After just 1 month on the dry and wet food my cat has regained weight and her blood markers are better. We are waiting for more tests in 1 month but I'm quietly confident!


Thank heavens this is finally available online!

My older cat has an overactive thyroid and is literally impossible to pill. Thank heavens this diet food is available which has regulated her thyroid and hasn't destroyed the owner/kitty relationship with forced medication on a daily basis. I do, however, think she is a bit bored of it now - so perhaps some other flavours would be nice. It's also a very dry kind of meat, so I always add some water and mix it up into a pâté for her which she seems to prefer. My main grumble is that the tins are large, and my cat will only ever eat the first couple of servings, so I always end up discarding half a tin which seems incredibly wasteful, but she just won't eat it when it's not fresh. I've tried every way I can think of to seal the tin, but it still doesn't work. Normally I have to order this from the vet (NEVER give it to your cat without a proper diagnosis and regular checkups!) but now I can conveniently have it delivered to my house which saves me a journey to vet. Thanks zooplus for making this available :)

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