My cats can’t get enough!

Great food! My cats can’t get enough! Even the one who has no teeth! There coats are looking food there weight is good! Quality cat food!


a product they love at a price I can afford!

In a drive to save money we had moved our two moggies away from IAMS, to supermarket own brands. They were a) not happy and b) less healthy. Along comes zooplus and allows us give them IAMS at near own brand prices - Great!

01/11/17 | Steve Duffy

Cat love it so do I

You can't go wrong with one of my cats passing recently I researched on to diet as urinate tract was to blame from just using supermarket diet, Iams do their research and I am trusting them with my other cat, the vet told me that I should use a better brand so from now on I do. And for the price I can't go wrong.


Excellent value for money

Our two British shorthair cats have thrived on Iams. Even the vet commented on how healthy they are. They love the chicken flavour Iams and eat it up right away. No smell no mess and happy cats. Always excellent service from Zooplus.



Great value for money, normally £16 per 2.5kg in the shops and very fast delivery too!!

08/23/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

Great quality and price

My cats are very fussy with food and turn away several brands, but this has been a total revelation! They love it and I feel them being more happy


Satisfied customer

I've had lots of trouble finding the right food for my 14 y/o lady of the house as she's not got many teeth left. This product right here is perfect, I've been feeding it to her for a year and she wouldn't have it any other way!!


Great for multi-cat household

My 4 house cats can't get enough of this, despite all having their own little eating quirks. Excellent value for money. Good that I can get the light option too as I need to keep an eye on their calories.


Great dry food at a great price

We have 2 Norwegian Forest cats age 7 that have been fed on Iams dry food since we got them as kittens They both love the food and because it is dry they can graze on it whenever they want so are not greedy with food and don't over eat Both cats are very beautiful, very fit and healthy, even the vet has commented on their shiny lustrous coats This food is also economical because we buy in 15kg bags so being able to buy the multi pack of 2 15Kg bags gives us months of quality food for them at a great price

11/14/13 | Claire Elliott

Hairball reduction

I have noticed less hairballs and therefore less vomiting in my two long haired cats who eat this. This is also the best price I have found on the net.

04/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

High acceptance

My cat is a fussy eater, but he likes Iams so I can fully recommend it. The only thing that bothers me is the 1.5kg packets are no longer available, and my cat prefers it fresh. I'm still giving this food 5* as this food still does the job! :)

09/06/12 | Barbara Morrell

Millie's love of Iams and thanks.

I'm a 12yr old small, black & white cat. I'm very particular and discerning, that's why I only eat Iams. I miaow impatiently, then I like a few strokes as I munch away at my delicious food. That's not too much to ask is it? Two bowls a day. I can still climb trees and catch mice, I'm a healthy Iams cat! Miaow!

04/27/12 | Pat McDonald

Iams Cat 3 for the price of 2

Ordered these and received them within 2 days. Saved a huge amount of money buying in bulk and the 3 for 2 is a bargain. My cat Alfie loves Iams and won't eat any other dry food. My neighbour was so impressed with the savings I've made she's asked me to recommend her to Zooplus. At this price I will definitely buy Iams from you again. Thanks