James Wellbeloved dry 10 kg

My 2 cats love this product, it is very handy to buy 10 kg as it is last longer, we are very happy with this food it is a second time we bought it and going to buy again

02/01/21 | Hobbs

James wellbeloved 10 kg

Thank you for the quick delivery and very big bag . My 2 cats are loved it and eating it every day.

05/31/19 | Diana Fleming

Good food, terrible price.

This is a great cat food if you have a cat who has both a sensitive stomach and a fussy palate. However, the recent price increase on this site is ridiculous, and they add shipping on top of it.

12/11/18 | Dr E D Gordon

Tested over Many Years by my Burmese Gang!

I have fed this food (ad lib) to my Burmese cats for years. This means even the shyest feeder has plenty to maintain good health. II am pleased to say that over some forty years I have not had kidney problems in any of my cats. I do use a little ordinary wet food for regular meals to ensure they get enough liquid in their diet. Fresh rain water to hand at all times!

12/04/18 | Lorraine Bovington

Very good

Cats love it the fish one

09/21/18 | Penny

Every Biscuit Eaten Everyday!

This and Fish version smell quite pleasant for cat biscuits and are not too greasy. Our 4 cats love them. I mix the Turkey and Fish together. A hit.

07/10/18 | Nav

My cat looks healthy so we are happy

I’m glad I found this brand, it appears to be healthy for my cat. Her coat is super soft and shiny. It doesn’t smell bad to people either. Unfortunately she doesn’t eat up the wet food version of this. She loves the dry food and other wet food brands like greenwood. Greenwood is not a complete cat food so if I can find one that is a complete meal that would make everything so much easier :-) I would consider Applaws but my cat doesn’t like it everyday.


Excellent for Cats with Sensitive Stomachs

One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach but refused to consider any of the special foods prescribed by my vet to be edible. I might as well have tried to feed her cardboard for all the interest she took. Bought this after a lengthy search of cat food ingredients. Not only did she love the taste, it cleared up her tummy and litter box issues in a very short time. Since my other cats all preferred it too, it's now my default cat food. Good combination of taste and non-allergenic ingredient

03/15/18 | Harriet

My Cat loves this food

Changed to JW after Royal Canin Kitten food. My cat turned his nose up at RC Sensitive - was advised to try JW and he loves it. Have tried to treat him with small expensive wet food - he doesn't touch it. James Wellbeloved has been brilliant.

02/03/18 | Sophie Price

Cats love it

We recently switched over to this food, all 3 of my cats love it. Everyone has been commenting on how lovely their coats look now too. Delivered quickly. A bag lasts around 5 weeks for us based on the recommended amount per cat.

12/30/17 | Michael G


The cheapest I've found this food. I was feeding my cats own brand food from Aldi and Sainsbury's. One of them kept vomiting a couple of times a week. I changed to this food and after nearly two weeks one of them has started to put weight on and both of their furs are looking and feeling healthier.

12/26/17 | Tracy

The Best.

The only food my siamese will eat that isn't tuna!

12/05/17 | Mil

Fussy eating is over

My little cat has a sensitive stomach and most high street cat food seemed to make her ill (vomit etc, yes you know it). After a long search, this is the one which she is perfectly happy with and no more nasty surprises in my house when I wake up in morning.

11/09/17 | Margaret


My 2 Kitty's absolutely love this cat food... always polish off their food, they look so healthy & content. I would never change from this product!..

10/06/17 | Biancha

Made my cat healthy!

My youngest cat was a rescue and would always have diarrhoea and didn't seem to be growing. Since I swapped his food to this, his poo has been firm and he has doubled in size! (not just weight but height and length).


My Bengal cats love this food!

My Bengal cats really love this dry food. They even purr when they're eating it! Their coats are shiny and soft and being dry, it means that they can self regulate their feeding times to suit their nutritional needs. Only small downside is the closure of the packaging...it's rubbish! The bag never reseals properly and always tears, meaning I have to transfer their food to an old Royal Canin packet that I've kept going for ages so that it doesn't go stale!


Excellent James Well beloved food

I buy the food because my cat suffers from gut sensitivity. The turkey version is best for him and no issues at all. Cats coat is very shiny and all my cats now eat the same. They do like the fish variety but can cause tummy upset. I would recommend the food to anyone having issues with intolerance. A+ quality product


Must Be Delicious

My large rescue cat who has a moderate appetite loves this food. He gets excited when I go to the storage bag and he tucks into the food, happily crunching away as if it is absolutely delicious. Now he won't touch his previous brand of dried food, some of which I had left over and will have to be donated elsewhere. I am happy to have found a natural product that my cat loves.


Great food

I have 2 cats, 1 with tummy issues, and they both love this food. Great price too with Zooplus !

02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.

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