03/15/18 | Harriet

My Cat loves this food

Changed to JW after Royal Canin Kitten food. My cat turned his nose up at RC Sensitive - was advised to try JW and he loves it. Have tried to treat him with small expensive wet food - he doesn't touch it. James Wellbeloved has been brilliant.

11/09/17 | Margaret


My 2 Kitty's absolutely love this cat food... always polish off their food, they look so healthy & content. I would never change from this product!..


My Bengal cats love this food!

My Bengal cats really love this dry food. They even purr when they're eating it! Their coats are shiny and soft and being dry, it means that they can self regulate their feeding times to suit their nutritional needs. Only small downside is the closure of the packaging...it's rubbish! The bag never reseals properly and always tears, meaning I have to transfer their food to an old Royal Canin packet that I've kept going for ages so that it doesn't go stale!

02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.

02/06/17 | Michelle King

Purrfect cat food

My two cats are very fussy and I tried various brands until I found James Wellbeloved cat food. They eat every piece and I am now on my fourth large bag and they show no signs of getting fed up with it. Both cats look really healthy and their coats feel soft and silky. Very happy and will continue to feed this food.

02/05/17 | Ayse Colak

My cats love this!

I have 6 cats, and they all really enjoy this dry food. They especially like the fish flavour. The quality of the ingredients list gives me peace of mind too. Highly recommended!

01/30/17 | george

Only 26% fish. the rest is what, rice?

My cat adores this, goes crazy for it, just as she did the kitten version. This is nice. But the fact is she would eat it til the cows come home. And I wonder if its because of the fact it is only 26% fish and the rest is rice and maize so induces a chinese restaurant high white rice glycaemic appetite thing in my cat who is usually not greedy. I note it is £3.80 per kg whereas Applaws is £4.80 per kg but has 80% rather than 26% animal / fish protein. I've not tried applaws yet but..

10/10/16 | Nicola

I've been buying this product for the past 2 and a half years.

Since our first cat came to us I've been buying this product. It's great value, great ingredients and the extra large kibbles have really helped keep my cats gingivitis at bay.

08/17/16 | Jane

Excellent quality

I've tried various dry cat foods, but always come back to this one. My three long-haired cats all love it, there's no waste, and they are healthy and happy with beautiful coats (they also have wet food, so the James Wellbeloved dry is about 50% of their diet).

08/02/16 | Serinne Curtis


have a cat who is allergic to beef lamb and pork, also catnip amongst other things, this new grain free wet food is fantastic with all the others he usually just licks off the gravy and leaves the meat, but not a morsel of this is left behind. He no longer misses out on enjoying wet food.

07/27/16 | Jill

yummy kitten food

Started feeding my 6 month old male maine coon kitten this food as he had issues digesting other branded kitten food. Since starting him on this, his stomach is much better and he eats this with no problems. His coat is beautifully soft and glossy, his poo's are less smelly and less frequent so I know he is absorbing all the goodness in this food. This food also comes in a fish variety and of the 2, I'd say he prefers the fish flavour, but the turkey is great for adding a bit of variety for him. It's a fab price on this website and the inclusion of 12 free pouches of wet food makes this an even better purchase. Try your kitten on this, I'm sure he'd love it!

06/17/15 | Jane Simpson

Must be good.......

....even my 5 yr old Birman eats it. This cat is one who never ate dry food of any sort for 4.5 years of his life. Until we caught him eating James Wellbeloved Senior Fish. He wont eat any other dried food, so now with 3 Birmans in our household this is a favourite with all 3.

06/11/15 | Sam

The best dry cat food

This is simply the best dry cat food on the market. Coupled with the competitive pricing and convenient, fast home delivery, I simply wouldn't shop anywhere else.

05/03/15 | Dave Smith

JWB that'll do for me!

We've purchased both Turkey & Fish James Wellbelloved dry cat food varieties for our cats for a number of years. Both cats seam to enjoy it and spend several minutes after a meal licking their lips in enjoyment. It not only satisfies their hunger, but the VET says the kibble is also good for cleaning their teeth. Recently we had to administer a worming tablet to our troublesome two, we just popped in the tablet directly into the back of there're throte just before teatime, woof gone and then straight onto their bowls. How easy was that!

03/29/15 | Liz Mason

Fussy Burmese sisters.

I have two very fussy indoor Burmese who only eat The Fish variety. They changed over from having a mix of fresh food and dry as kittens and have never looked back. They have beautiful glossy coats, are still mischievous, very loving and people friendly.

03/09/15 | kittenwoman


every cat/kitten in my care just love these , better than any other brand.. Ive fostered kittens for many years and this is the best brand yet..

12/02/14 | Gill Schofield

Excellent Dry Cat Food

My Cat Oscar (2 yrs old) came from RSPCA in Sheffield. He was fed this cat food there so we continued using it. We did change to a cheaper one abut 6 months ago but he wasted so much that we came back to James Wellbeloved in July 2014. The 10kg bag we bought ini July will run out in mid December so am ordering another 1 today. It is false economy to buy cheap food really and Oscar eats every last little biscuit so that says it all really.


Best fall back plan...

Our current rescue came to us saying she loves one type of food, but she seemed under weight and constantly looking at the not quiet half eaten food bowl meowing. So I bought her James Wellbeloved the food I've always chose for my cats and now her bowl is always clean and less mewling!

06/11/14 | Marianne Mellor

He won't eat anything else!

I've been feeding my cat on this for the past 5 years and he won't eat anything else. He even turns his nose up at tuna, salmon or chicken! James Wellbeloved contains no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so I can feed it to him with confidence. Another big plus is it's made in the UK! There are cheaper cat foods but with JWB there's no waste, no mess, no flies and you really do get what you pay for. You only have to look at my cat's coat, bright eyes and excellent teeth to know he's eating quality food.

06/11/14 | P.Boyle


My Bengal cat, Daxter loves the fish flavour as well as the Duck and Turkey flavours. A super value dry food, well worth the money.