07/23/18 | Erica Wilde

How much????

I have been buying the 4kg for years. Last time I bought it's was close to £20. It went out off stock. now it's back and around £24 that's a big increase! My cats love it though. They rarely eat anything else when it comes to kibble. Can we just get the price down again if possible?

03/15/18 | Harriet

My Cat loves this food

Changed to JW after Royal Canin Kitten food. My cat turned his nose up at RC Sensitive - was advised to try JW and he loves it. Have tried to treat him with small expensive wet food - he doesn't touch it. James Wellbeloved has been brilliant.


The best

I've been buying this product now for a year and my cat just loves it. I've also recommended this to rest of my family - and guess what - their cats also love it. My mother's cat used to be so picky and didn't eat any dry food before we gave this to her!

11/09/17 | Margaret


My 2 Kitty's absolutely love this cat food... always polish off their food, they look so healthy & content. I would never change from this product!..


Made my older cat's tummy upset

I love the brand however my cat who has slightly sensitive stomach reacted badly on the food. She did like the taste however.

02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.

02/05/17 | L Harris

Thank goodness for these biscuits

Through the hard way we have discovered our 5 month old Bengal kitten is grain intolerant. Now castrated the vet said he can eat adult food and these biscuits are a perfect accompaniment to his grain free wet food. His 9 year old sister loves them too. Great product.

10/10/16 | Nicola

I've been buying this product for the past 2 and a half years.

Since our first cat came to us I've been buying this product. It's great value, great ingredients and the extra large kibbles have really helped keep my cats gingivitis at bay.

10/25/15 | Kaisa (Finland)

Good for sensitive stomach

I have two cats, both over 10 yrs old, one of which has a very sensitive stomach (wet food: only white tuna, dry food: only without wheat). James Wellbeloved Adult Cat No Cereal Turkey is one of his most favorite dry foods, so I can recommend this to other sensitive cats, too. :)

05/13/15 | Dee Lyons

Good food but expensive when you're a multicat household

Most of my cats do enjoy this food (I have 6 and also feed 2 abandoned cats), but I am glad to say they also like the porta 21 sensible grain free, which is sold in 10kg bags and works out at half the price, unlike this @ 1.5kg. I did email JWB to suggest they do larger bags- maybe if everyone lobby's them they may listen? Zooplus sell both and their prices are good, delivery is v quick 2.

02/24/15 | Linda. Grogan

James Wellbeloved ceral free cat food

I agree this food is well liked by my cats, only one problem,I have 8 cats so i do wish that you could buy the larger size bag. It is so expensive keep buying the 1.5kg size.Maybe James Wellbeloved could consider there prices, and i cant find no reason as to why they cannot do the larger bag in the no cereal range.

04/22/14 | Patsy

this food has stopped my cat's uncomfortable growling from irritable bowel.

all the foods the vet prescribed made no difference. such a relief for us and cat - he has no stomach pains now.

02/06/14 | Caroline

8 months and still not bored

Our cat used to get bored really easily with whatever dry food we were feeding her. It was getting very frustrating. She's been on james wellbeloved for 8 months now and still adores it. She refuses to eat any other dry food now. Her weight is under control, her coat glossy, eyes bright and bursting with health - not bad for a rescue cat that used to have health problems. I cannot recommend this food highly enough.

02/06/14 | Markus


I'm not an expert on these things but when you're cats seem to be in good health and to love the food you're giving them, I'd class that as a success. Thanks zooplus.

02/06/14 | Andrea S.

great cat food

We chose this cat food since it's cereal-free and cereal hardly seems like an appropriate ingredient for cat food. Our cat loves it. Good product.

01/28/14 | Sara Simon

The first dry food that my cat can eat!

One of my cats is intolerant to all grains, maize, eggs and chicken. As you can imagine, finding suitable food has proven very difficult. Living on Feringa & Grau luxury wet food is rather expensive! We absolutely depend on this food - and the other cat loves it too. I just hope they bring out bigger bags and that it gets included in the same offers as the other James W dry foods, rather than being treated like a prescription diet food - this stuff is healthier for ALL cats.

10/11/13 | serena

my cat is in good health now!

my cat who was a cat never vomited during his six years of life was unwell lately and had a surgery,after the surgery his usual food which nutrivet and accana just did not agree with his stomach as it did once and he vomited after he ate his meal,since than i have tried number of food but it did not help with his vomiting problem,I was visiting the vets almost everyday and he was put on steroid to help him with vomiting as he was loosing so much weight until the vet recomend that I should try jwb sensitive as after the surgery he could have devoloped a food allergy and a sensitive stomach as all the blood test result didnt find any other problem.and now his been on the jwb for 4 weeks and no vomiting and his fur is gone so silky and shiny and also he is so much happier and has been off the steriod for last 3 weeks,.I know its this food that has helped as ive tried few of his left over old dry food which made him vomit straight away!,im just so happy to come over this food as it was a very stressful time for my cat harry and myself and now we are ever so pleased and stress free.

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