03/18/17 | linda quinn

Love It

Every litter of kittens I have they love this. A much better quality of biscuit which means less bowles probs.

02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.

10/10/16 | Nicola

I've been buying this product for the past 2 and a half years.

Since our first cat came to us I've been buying this product. It's great value, great ingredients and the extra large kibbles have really helped keep my cats gingivitis at bay.

08/02/16 | Serinne Curtis


have a cat who is allergic to beef lamb and pork, also catnip amongst other things, this new grain free wet food is fantastic with all the others he usually just licks off the gravy and leaves the meat, but not a morsel of this is left behind. He no longer misses out on enjoying wet food.

07/27/16 | Jill

yummy kitten food

Started feeding my 6 month old male maine coon kitten this food as he had issues digesting other branded kitten food. Since starting him on this, his stomach is much better and he eats this with no problems. His coat is beautifully soft and glossy, his poo's are less smelly and less frequent so I know he is absorbing all the goodness in this food. This food also comes in a fish variety and of the 2, I'd say he prefers the fish flavour, but the turkey is great for adding a bit of variety for him. It's a fab price on this website and the inclusion of 12 free pouches of wet food makes this an even better purchase. Try your kitten on this, I'm sure he'd love it!

04/11/15 | Veronica

My kitten favorite dry food ever

Every time I want to reward my kitty with some food I chose these crunches. He loves this dry food more that every other food, it is a bit expensive, but the quality is high and it worth the cost.

03/09/15 | kittenwoman


every cat/kitten in my care just love these , better than any other brand.. Ive fostered kittens for many years and this is the best brand yet..

06/08/14 | Maddie

The best

I have always given my kittens turkey JW and adults got their turkey version when we didn't have kittens. But recent litter was fussy about this so I purchased fish one. They wolfed biscuits down! Mum and kittens can't get enough of this dry food. It definitely is one of top buys for us.

02/06/14 | Gemma Short

full of beans

My kitten needs so much energy, this is a great cat food that seems to be keeping her really healthy while she's still growing too. She loves it!

02/06/14 | Laura J

kitten's favourite food

My cat loves this food. This is the second bag I have bought and will be buying more in the future... It's a little expensive compared to the supermarket selection of dry foods, but I can tell that it's much better quality.

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