03/15/18 | Harriet

My Cat loves this food

Changed to JW after Royal Canin Kitten food. My cat turned his nose up at RC Sensitive - was advised to try JW and he loves it. Have tried to treat him with small expensive wet food - he doesn't touch it. James Wellbeloved has been brilliant.

11/09/17 | Margaret


My 2 Kitty's absolutely love this cat food... always polish off their food, they look so healthy & content. I would never change from this product!..

07/11/17 | Anita

12yr old loves it!

My 12 year moggie absolutely loves this! His coat looks amazing, and his eyes are really clear. And his box smells less than when I feed him on other brands. Can't recommend this enough! If I could give it 8stars I would. Also agree that they should be doing bigger bags.

02/06/17 | Suzi

Only the best!

I have been feeding James Wellbeloved Senior to Harold, my 11 year old ginger, since he was 7 years old. He loves it, but more importantly his vet has been extremely impressed with his weight management and his oral health. I buy from Zooplus as I can buy 2 bags at a discount and the delivery is faster than any other company I have tried.

10/10/16 | Nicola

I've been buying this product for the past 2 and a half years.

Since our first cat came to us I've been buying this product. It's great value, great ingredients and the extra large kibbles have really helped keep my cats gingivitis at bay.

09/13/15 | Anita O'Grady


Our Cat Rascal is 21 Years old, his poos were terrible, Grey and very smelly. We started him on James Wellbeloved and a miracle happened overnight. He is now back to being a Healthy young and Happy Cat xxx.

05/03/15 | Dave Smith

JWB that'll do for me!

We've purchased both Turkey & Fish James Wellbelloved dry cat food varieties for our cats for a number of years. Both cats seam to enjoy it and spend several minutes after a meal licking their lips in enjoyment. It not only satisfies their hunger, but the VET says the kibble is also good for cleaning their teeth. Recently we had to administer a worming tablet to our troublesome two, we just popped in the tablet directly into the back of there're throte just before teatime, woof gone and then straight onto their bowls. How easy was that!

03/29/15 | Liz Mason

Fussy Burmese sisters.

I have two very fussy indoor Burmese who only eat The Fish variety. They changed over from having a mix of fresh food and dry as kittens and have never looked back. They have beautiful glossy coats, are still mischievous, very loving and people friendly.

06/08/14 | Ruth Yarr

Eat it up

Our two cats Terk and Misty have been eating dry food since we got them at 4 months old. They are now 14 and despite being old boys they still make us smile fighting each other one minute then snuggled up together the next If I don't realise they don't have food one of them will try to let me know but if I don't realise soon enough, the other will get annoyed and start fighting, that is generally when I realise! Their favourite by far is the fish and they always eat it up. I like to give them variety though so alternate with the other flavours

02/06/14 | Nick

great mature cat food

My elderly cat loves this feed. She's always loved fish flavoured foods but we needed to switch to a senior feed now that she's getting on a bit and starting to slow down because she seemed to gaining weight on her old feed. She seems much more lively than she was a few months ago. A great cat food.

02/06/14 | Bernard

happy cat

I have a 9 year old cat who loves this cat food, his coat is always shiny even though he lives outside on the farm most of the time and is still so agile. Would definitely recommend it. The only down side is they don't do bigger bags, as I seem to be forever filling the bowl up.

02/06/14 | Lukas

the cat loves it

My moggie LOVES this food and isn't interested in eating anything else. She is fit and active - still climbs trees and hunts for rodents, despite her arthritis, and her coat is in beautiful condition. I agree with the reviewer who said it should be available in bigger bags!