31/10/09 | Abylove
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Not accepted by kittens

I have no idea why my kittens (not fussy at all) hate this one... The pure chicken looks and smells good, but they won't even touch it. I gave away the rest of the cans to a friend of mine who has 2 cats, the result was the same - not something they'd wanna eat. I've normally fed them other high-quality canned food such as Cosma Thai or Applaws, but this is the first one they have refused to eat.
17/01/09 | Josephine
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Chicken with Rice (Sensitive) & Pure Chicken Meat flavours

All 3 of my cats do not appear to like the chicken with rice flavour, which surprises me as it looks and smells good to me! They are not too hot about the pure chicken meat flavour either but will attempt to eat a little. I am very surprised as they love chicken and they will easily lap up the Applaws chicken flavour for example.