26/01/20 | Peter
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Colitis problem sorted

We have tried so many foods to treat our whippet’s colitis, I’ve lost count. This GI25 showed instant improvement. I’ll use this one going forward!
07/11/18 | Susan Simpson
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My dog has been having this for 2 years now along with gastro intestinal wet food and her stomach problems have stopped
04/10/18 | Sheridan Guest
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Keeps her healthy excellent

Good qaulity. Del good
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Excellent dog food

My dogs love this food. After a long period of searching for a dog food that didnt give our whippets an upset stomach, we finally came across Royal Canin gastro intestinal which they tolerate very well. Our dogs are doing very well on it and one had actually now put on a bit oh weight as they were very thin whippets. Highly recommend, edpecially for dogs with dodgy tummies and it actually smells quite pleasant which is a bonus for dog owners too.
28/04/18 | Kim
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Beneficial Gastro intestinal

My vet recommended I keep my Border Collie on the gastrointestinal food and it has made a real difference. As well as the wet version for his main meal I now give him this dry version as a substitute for reduced treats. It is good to be able to give him something with a crunch!
22/01/18 | Olga FitzGerald
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Misha has very sensitive stomach and can't tolerate any wheat. Tried must of food available and this is the only one he loves and he has no digestive problems since he is on This, no diarea and no vomiting in the mornings.
21/05/17 | Christine southorn
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The best

Love this had it for years suits my dogs tum
15/11/16 | JACKI G
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My dog has always had a sensitive stomach and a couple of years ago was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and the vet recommended RC GI 25. My dog experienced the benefits of this virtually immediately, returning at the age of 8 years to her former bouncy puppy-like self. Always a picky eater, she loves this food too!
25/10/16 | Jo Meredith
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Great product

My Jackapoo has suffered with bouts of colitis since a pup! Of which I was able to manage but recently it became really bad. My vet suggested this food and so far the colitis has settled down.I will order from Zooplus in the future as the vets pricing was very expensive..... like £7 more .
24/03/16 | Sarah
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Excellent product

Highly recommend this product. Our JRT was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and has improved dramatically after we introduced him to this. Also, he really seems to love the taste!
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I've a healthy dog again!!

Great dog food. My dog was 11.5kg (usually 15.5kg) due to him not absorbing his food. We changed to this food and he's got back up to his normal weight. No upset stomach or anything! Really wish moderate calorie version was stocked as I feel like the portion I'm giving my dog of this is very low but otherwise he starts to get slightly overweight. Overall great food for dog's with mal-absorption issues.
19/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Really good!

I have a labrador with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). It causes very loose stools, diarrhoea and mucus. The vet recommended this diet and it has changed our lives. Now his stools are perfect, he eats it with great gusto and he is noticeably more lively.
18/10/14 | Kath Hawes
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My little dog has a new lease of life!

My 6yr old Lhasa Apso bitch had been suffering from colitis for some months. She was very unhappy, had lost a lot of weight and had repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids from the vets. Eventually my vet suggested the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food. She has now been on this for a few months and has a new lease of life! I am delighted. Yes, the food is quite expensive, but not as expensive repeated vets bills! Plus my dog is happy again!
07/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Never changing food again!

After trying many many foods this is the only thing that causes my dog to have normal bowel movements. We only planned it as a temporary solution, but it's now her permanent food. However, we would like to order the low calorie version. This food can make a dog healthy, but also goes onto the hips a little :-) I hope zooplus offers the low calorie one soon.
29/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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5 stars

The only food that our 11 year old dog could tolerate during his gastritis.
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My dog used to get occasional diarrhea and always had loose poo. Since he's been eating this it's so much better. Sometimes it's worth talking to another vet!
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Good product

Very good product for my Cavalier King Charles who has a tendency to have runny poo. No more of that with this food... What's more we're making big savings here compared to the vet's prices!
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efficient and economical

My dog is a bit fragile when it comes to her digestion (diarrhea, vomiting, bloat), but since she's been eating this food by itself everything seems to be a lot better! As I have a big dog the 2 x 14kg packs are much more economical
16/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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This food was recommended by the vet, but it's stretching my budget... The best price by far was on zooplus in the 2-pack
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I have a boxer with many digestive problems. Since he's had this gastrointestinal diet his health is better than eve, he eats more and digests it better.