05/17/22 | Sarah Swann

Excellent Food

Heidi loves this food and gobbles up every bit of it, she even purrs as I am feeding her. Her overall health is excellent and it is especially good for her FLUTD. Her teeth are in good condition and her coat is so soft and fluffy. A thumbs up from Heidi and myself!
01/24/18 | Charcoal

Unfortunately my cat won’t eat it...

It may work and be a brilliant product. But my cat refuses to eat it! He is not normally fussy. Quite disappointing.
12/18/17 | Karena

Cats love it!

I think this product has prolonged my cats' lives as they are nearly 15 now and the Vet says they have great kidneys :-)
02/05/17 | Jan Taylor

Great Service

I have 3 cats one of which has had kidney problems. The vet recommended this food and we have had no problems since. The cats all love it. Thank you Zooplus, for great service, great prices and faultless delivery.
02/05/17 | Jan Taylor

Great service

Absolutely delighted I have found this product. Fabulous site, easy to use and great delivery, which was very punctual. Thank you
05/07/15 | Federica


My cat Puffy (7 years old) was starting to eat this item 4 years ago. My vet suggested to use it to solve stuvite stones. My cat had a acute inflammation and was sore. After used 3 months with this item, I solved the problem and now he is feel well, and also I!! I give him too URYS skittles that unfortunately I didn't find here.
01/13/15 | michelle


Was given this by the vet when my cat was rushed in unable to walk or move due to crystals which were crumbling. After almost losing him, this food has ensured that my cat has been healthy for three years *touch wood*. He loves the taste too!
08/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


I was told that my cat, who for many suffered from recurrent cystitis, needed an operation to remove two large urinary stones. On the day of his appointment the vet advised me that from then on I should be feeding him only one food, and it should be a specialist urinary diet. I started immediately with the S/O Urinary from Royal Canin, and after a month we went in ready for the operation. The vet did an ultrasound and saw that the stones had already started to crumble, and the cat would not need an operation after all! We were delighted. Now we use the moderate calorie version of the food because our Ban already weighs 7.5kg. He's lost a healthy amount of weight and in short for me it's an excellent product. My cat no longer suffers from cystitis and I've saved a lot of money on vet visits and care, so I think it is worth the price!
06/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.es


Since Kuro had his operation for kidney problems, the vet recommended that I feed him this and he's had no further problems - would recommend!

Love it

I have two cats, one with FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), and I've tested several brands to try and help with the problem, until finally my vet pointed this one out. I'm delighted with the results and my cats love it.


This food is my saviour! Two years of upset and anguish due to my Puffy's urinary crystals and now with this food it's temporarily solved! But we have to make sure we always stick to the same brand otherwise we'll start the whole adventure again. Poor Puffy!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

This solved the problem of cystitis for my cat

With this kibble my cat no longer suffers from cystitis and fortunately with zooplus we're also saving a bit of money!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


My two cats go crazy for this!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it


My Persian male has had kidney problems for a few years and thanks to this food he is now much better. Unlike other food he will also willingly eat this stuff without a problem!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Completely solved my cat's urinary problems!

This is really a great product! Despite repeated antibiotic treatments, we could not get rid of my cat's urinary problems. But when we started feeding her these biscuits, the problems disappeared and we've had no relapses! The low calorie version also allowed us to keep his weight down (he's sterilised so it can be tricky!). I'll certainly be recommending it to other people, I'm very satisfied!
06/25/13 | originally published in zooplus.es

It's perfect!

This food fixed my cat's urine crystal problems within a matter of days. I'm very happy with it!
05/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.it

Good product for combatting urinary and kidney problems, even if it is a bit pricey (much cheaper at zooplus though!)

For almost a year we have been feeding this food to one of our cats (neutered male with chronic cystitis). The product is definitely great quality because since we've started using it we've had far fewer urinary problems: he's urinating more regularly and without pain, there's no more blood in his urine, and he's going in his litter box again instead of all round the house (this is common behaviour in cystitis). The price makes zooplus the best option for this food - it's still not cheap but way better than buying it in a store or at the vet! I also have to point out that it seems to taste great, as the cat always gobbles it up. Remember to always keep the water clean and fresh for your cat, especially if your cat has a kidney problem!

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