13/12/18 | Alistair & Carol Bennett
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This really works !! FLABrador no more

Our 5 yr old Yellow Labrador Rosie weighed in at an unhealthy 38.3 kg in Jan 2018. Our Vet recommended Royal Canin Satiety - so we tried it. She has lost 6.5 kgs since the start of the year and is a much better 32.0 kg at the last weigh-in. We can actually see her waist now ! Thanks Royal Canin.
10/12/18 | Mrs Gloria Quinn
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Loss of weight

When I started my Sprocker Spaniel called Sweetie of 8 years according to her vet she was overweight infact she had weighed in at 22 kg. I have used one 12kg bag of Satiety she was weighed recently and her weight is now 18.2kg so I am very impressed with Satiety and my Sprocker looks much younger and I think I should change her name to Bambi by the way she bounces about now.
05/12/17 | sue
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Royal Vanin Satiety

Absolutely fabulous!! My cocker spaniel was 5.5kgs over weight. He has been on this diet food since August, he's just been to fat club and he's now at his target weight!!!
10/02/17 | Sally
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Labrador now svelte!

Our lovely boy has been eating the Satiety Support ever since he started to pile on the kgs after his castration. We'd tried other food, but had to keep reducing the amount and we were concerned he wasn't getting enough nutrients. Our vet recommend the Satiety Diet - and he's done brilliantly on it. He was able to lose the excess KGs within a month or so - and now we're able to easily keep his weight in check. More costly than other brands, but worth it.
05/02/17 | Terry Handley
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A weight management food that works!

This was "prescribed" by our vet as our Labrador needed to loose weight. Our dog adapted to the change to her food well, enjoys it and even accepts it as a reward! One tip, for it to work you must stick to the recommended amount and not give any other food or treats. Buying it from Zooplus was £17 cheaper than from our vet!☺
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Royal Canin satiety 30,

After trying every other way to get my 16 month, food driven, dumpster diving, food stealing labrador to lose weight, I tried this, because of nutritional values for joints, bones, muscle & coat etc & she has lost 3 kg, just 1 more to go! Fits into Kong wobble feeder & The Green, which I also got from here, making her use her brain too & slowing her eating down. Had lots of comments about how healthy she looks and her coat. Delivery has always been efficient & well packaged.
11/01/15 | Barbara Aston
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At the request of our Vet, we had to put our 2 year old Golden Retriever on this Satiety Diet. The vet wanted a slow reduction. So started April 2014 @ 45 kg. and now our boy is at 36 kg. We are aiming for 35 kg.- weigh in at end of this month. This is fantastic food and an excellent price at Zooplus. Highly recommended.
29/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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From 32kg to 23kg within a period of 3 months.. very happy! And also the price here is phenomenal.. it's impossible to find it cheaper. Zooplus is great!
18/10/14 | Kath Hawes
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My little dog has a new lease of life!

My 6yr old Lhasa Apso bitch had been suffering from colitis for some months. She was very unhappy, had lost a lot of weight and had repeated courses of antibiotics and steroids from the vets. Eventually my vet suggested the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic food. She has now been on this for a few months and has a new lease of life! I am delighted. Yes, the food is quite expensive, but not as expensive repeated vets bills! Plus my dog is happy again!
09/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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satiety support diet

Very good kibble for overweight dogs. My German Shepherd needed to lose 5kgs in 2 months, and this food definitely worked very well.
04/05/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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great price and great results. My dog really likes the food too.
30/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Very good for a diet!

The product is very appetizing, and I've finally managed to ge t my dog to lose a bit of weight
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Veterinary diet Satiety Support

I bought Royal canin veterinary diet Satiety Support for my Irish setter who has displasia problems. He is overweight but I'm already noticing his weight come down slowly.
30/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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I bought this for my British Bulldog who was almost 5kg overweight. After a week of this he's already lost 2kg, so I've ordered some more. It's obvious that he enjoys it because the bowl is always left shiny and clean!
11/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Diet food

This food was recommended by the vet to help us to control the weight of our greedy little dachshund. She loves it: she lost weight and has stabilized at a healthy weight for 2 years now. The smell is not strong. The croquettes are round, flat and not too hard: easy food for small dogs
23/07/13 | Liz
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Fat Lab - Thin Lab!

Put my Lab on this after cruciate surgery as she was a bit podgy and unlikely to lose weight post surgery. She has averaged 1kg per week so far weight loss I may start eating this myself!
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Very good for dogs who are sterilised and have a tendency to put on weight, like my little dog. Great components and low fat.
03/04/13 | heather
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does what it says

my cocker spaniel suffers from addidsons disease so therefore is treated with steroids which make her put on weight and always feel hungry!! she has been on this food for years and although i have tried taking her off it as she lost the weight she never seems to feel as full as when she is on satiety so i am now just maintaining her on this!! it works really well for her and i would recommend it for weight loss and to keep satisfied!!