09/10/20 | Melinda Geraghty


Excellent site and customer service very good

Very good

I’m very satisfied with this product


Reggie my elderly neutered male had urinary tract problems. Vets recommended this food and they have not reappeared. But please do not send my new order by Yodel
10/11/18 | Lesley Hill

Royal Canin Renal Food Miracle!

19 year old Molly was in a sorry state after a kidney infection, and because of her age, stage 2 KD and some heart disease her vet didn't want to prescribe anything that might make matters worse. So we were resigned to the fact that Molly's life was drawing to a close. Well after a month on his diet, she shows an interest in food, has put on weight, her coat is glossy, she is passing more urine (presumably her kidneys are having less of a struggle). energy levels have increased too. Amazing!
09/27/18 | HeatherJ

Vet prescribed. Cats love it

I'm so relieved my cat (age 17) with Stage 1 kidney failure loves the Renal Wet foods and so does my younger one aged 10 years. No problems switching them & Zooplus products help to make it more affordable.
09/18/18 | shirley swaine

Recommend it

Just over 2 years ago my cat, then 16, developed periodic extreme stomach rumblings lasting several days. Vet could find nothing wrong. This summer, now 18, it became constant with some vomiting and colic otherwise well. Seems he's developed an intolerance and this is the only specialist wet food any of my cats have ever eaten. I do pep it up with a small amount of extra minced chicken because it's all he is being fed, but he will eat it without.
09/11/18 | Tricia

Food for cats with kidney problems

Only one of my cats has renal problems and he is very young - 4 years old....so feed him this every single morning - he quite likes it and one or two of the others also eat it....I do everything I can to make his life longer!
08/24/18 | Leigh Hicks

only one

the only one he loves
08/11/18 | Estera

very good

My cat lost weight from 6.66 kg to 4.9 kg ! I recommend !!
07/09/18 | Simon Mottashed

He loves it


Excellent food & service

My 14 year old cat loves this! Service by zooplus has improved 100% & now get delivery a lot quicker.... most cases next day delivery.... Well done Zooplus!!
04/30/18 | Mrs B

Excellent GI Food

Very tasty to the cat but as with gravy they can just lick it off. Not offence in odour.
02/18/18 | Carol

Wish I'd found Zooplus earlier!

This product was recommended by my vet and works very well for my cat's sensitive tummy. And at Zooplus, it's the best price by far and the fastest delivery. I am very pleased and will be sticking with them for all my pet needs.

The Best Food Ever!!!

My cat BSH cream male has had so many sicknesses for 1 year now. Vets didn't know what his problem was for a while.... From antibiotics, to constipation, to ear infection, to bowel smell...throw ups... digestion.. name it all.. until the vet gave probiotics only 3 days course he was well. So She said, why don't you try Royal Canin Gastro... and you know what? my boy loves it. He is eating, (touch wood) and he has great bathroom, he can digest, and he feels his appetite is back! Thanks so much!!!
02/02/18 | Jennifer Galloway

Helped my cat to live a long and happy life

Switching to royal canin food and special diet helped my beloved cat live a long and happy life.
12/06/17 | Cathy

Perfect for my new kittens

My kittens suffered from severe dihorea for several weeks. Started them on this and it worked a treat. Slowly weaned them onto their normal food but really help out with a messy situation.
11/13/17 | Mrs H

Excellent price

Our vet recommended (well told) that we buy this food as our kitty who suffers from stress related bladder problems, mainly crystals which unfortunately makes him pee all over the house. Before we started him on this, he was on Whiskers (which he loved)…however this has much more meaty and looks more appetising! I add a drop or two of water to a) add to his water intake and b) make it more into a meat & gravy meal. Oscar eats it, depending how hungry he is. I also buy the dried Urinary too…which
10/21/17 | Gez

Happy happy

So glad I buy from this co. as I have saved money. Cat likes the special food. Delivery time is amazing,
10/10/17 | McNamara

At last ,Much cheaper than Vets

Lenny is now 13 and has been on this food since he was 18 months old and was rushed to the vets with a urinary blockage.Tablets were a nightmare to make sure he didn’t spit them out.This food has kept him clear of any problem since well worth price !

Expensive but cheaper than from the vet

My cat adores this food and it took him from having a lot of struvite crystals in his urine (the S/O variant) to just a couple of fragments in 3 weeks. The only reason he's transitioned to the dry variant is the cost. If it was up to him, he'd eat it all day!

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