09/08/21 | Ger
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Very good quality

I put my 4 year old border collie onto this food after I noticed her back legs and paws were very red on the last food i had her on. Since being on this food it has cleared up.
10/04/20 | Raquel
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My husky love this food. He devoured the food in seconds... I am a very happy costumer.
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Consistently good dog food

Our dog started having Taste of the Wild when we lived in the US. Her health is amazing and she never has bowel issues or weight problems. Highly recommend!
11/11/17 | Maxine
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Fantastic food for my 2 bulldogs they love it will defo be reordering
24/07/17 | Anna
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Amazing !

We have our labrador and our Newfoundland on this food. They both absolutely love it and people are always commenting on how shiny their coats are. Would definitely recommend this food.
14/05/17 | Beth
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Amazing skin

After trying many other expensive sensitive foods my doberman's coat was looking fab but still had an underlying dry skin condition. After changing to Taste of the Wild the dry skin has basically gone after 4 weeks! Worth every penny... we don't eat rubbish food so I don't see why our dog should eat rubbish food. Still combining it with fourfriendspetfood meat so she isn't just eating dry food, and two teaspoons of salmon oil a day.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Helped with itchiness

Since switching to this food my Akita-inu has suffered much less with itchy skin which was a fairly serious problem previously. I haven't experienced any of the problems mentioned on the negative reviews and we have probably ordered this about 4 or 5 times.
24/09/15 | Vanessa
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Fantastic food

My black lab loves this food and he is not a big eater . Within days of changing to this his coat started to shine . He looks lovely and healthy and glowing and people always ask how is coat is so shiny . I tell them it's this food , the difference is huge . Great company too
14/08/15 | Jennifer
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Brilliant dog food!

I have a Bernese Mountain dog who is very food sensitive. He was on 4 other dry foods before he was put on Taste of the Wild. Since then his stools have been excellent, skin healthy and he is a happier dog. He loves this food. I would not give him any other food except this one. Well worth trying if your dog has any food allergies. Brilliant!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Just Amazing!

After trying a number of top brand foods all of which upset my Newfie's system or he refused to eat them I am so happy to come across Taste of the wild. His bowel movements were normal instantly, he loves this food eagerly waits for dinner time. Fab service as always from zooplus and a great price as usual please don't stop stocking this we would be lost without it. I really can not recommend this food enough, it's great knowing you are feeding a top quality food (the ingredients speak for themselves) but it's so easy on the digestive system and must taste great at the same time.
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French Bulldog

We've fed our Frenchie this on recommendation since he was a puppy. I can't fault it. He's fit, happy & healthy. Great service from ZooPlus too!
06/06/14 | S J
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My Mastiff had suffered with poor digestion and runny stools all his life until I found this. Since using he has improved 100% . He now eats all his food and produces firm stools
06/06/14 | sonia.kinnie@ntlworld.com
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Great food for dogs with allergies

our Bulldogs have lots of allergies and tear stains . we have tried lots of different foods with money not been an issue we come upon this food we cannot state how good this food is and value for money
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Feed my 3 dachies on this, one had a lot of issues for about 3 years, would not eat much, poor stools. Tried various foods, had this reccomended and we have not looked back, easy, economical and 3 healthy dogs. They love it.
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The Best

My dog suffers from EPI and as sensitive stomach this food is simply the best.ive tried Fish4dogs Acana all the top brands but this and pro plan veterinary en combined as brought my westie back to what he was like a puppy again and put all is weight on.mix the enzymes in the pro plan then leave for 30 mins then mix it with Pacific Stream results are amazing.
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Good stuff!

My GSD/husky is thriving on this. He can be fussy but has no problems with this.His coat looks great his gut has been fine I have found no down side to date.He was on Royal Canin but sometimes he would not eat it, I tried Happy Dog and the same thing happened.With TOTW this has yet to happen in 4 weeks.
04/05/13 | Kera
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Great Quality Food

I've done my research and taste of the wild is one of the best, unlike pedigree it has no fillers and it's not secretive about it's ingredients like royal canin. My dog loves it. i wish the price would come down a bit though and that they'd throw in a free gift like they do with other dog food
02/05/13 | diane
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great food my dogs love it

ive changed over to taste of the wild pacific salmon and i have small toy breeds (bichon frise) I had been contemplating changing my dogs diet to a grain free food, i am really pleased with the food, they really enjoy it and no tearstains and their poops are small and hard i know this food is a little more expensive than some other top brand foods but i think its worth it as you know you are giving your dog all natural human grade food and with no grain or fillers which usually makes them poop more as its all waste products will be keeping mine on this food just hope the prices stay as low as possible.
08/01/13 | Karen Baur
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Happy puppy...........

I just switched my whippet puppy over to this food having been on Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion for a few weeks. He has taken to it very well - no loose stools at all and he is thriving well. He has a beautifully soft coat and is well in every way. I'm really glad our local store recommended it but as it is so expensive I will buy the next supplies from Zooplus. Would recommend this to anyone whose dog is having digestion problems. We are using the Pacific Stream for puppies.
18/09/12 | richard whilding
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Great food for Bulldogs!!!!

Having previously fed my bulldog on Royal Canin Bulldog and Iams which she was eating no problem but straight after eating she would vomit with both foods.Since switching to TOTW pacific she eats it no problem and hooray she keeps it down.Also its lovely to see her getting excited when its feeding time and with the food being so dense I only give her half the measure I used to give her on the previous foods.She is full of life her stools are firm and I would seriously recommend this food to any owners of fussy eating dogs. Sorry to end with one downside,the cost has risen £10 in just under a year I know everything has gone up but come on £10 in under a year!!