01/08/21 | Pádraig
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Quality and results

My 5 month old Staffordshire terrier loves Pacific Stream, we changed to High Prairie once and it didn't agree with his stomach. Went back to Pacific Stream and staring to get back to normal again. Stomach much better, flatulence gone and coat soft and shiny. Top marks!
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My 15 week old GSD puppy was eating a well known premium puppy food as recommended by our Vet but she was itchy and constantly had loose poops ( no fleas or worms) we changed her over to this and within 24 hours poops are normal , itching is decreasing and she actually sleeps soundly now !!! Excellent puppy food would highly recommend
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Consistently good dog food

Our dog started having Taste of the Wild when we lived in the US. Her health is amazing and she never has bowel issues or weight problems. Highly recommend!
11/11/17 | Maxine
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Fantastic food for my 2 bulldogs they love it will defo be reordering
26/09/17 | Gemma
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Absolutely brilliant! Take bad reviews with a pinch of salt..

Our vet recommended this food as the best one to give our puppy. Completely grain free, without allergens and no hidden dodgy ingredients. I weaned her onto it and she is thriving and her coat is unbelievably glossy. I did have concerns over canola oil being an ingredient, but after some research i discovered it is only an issue if its the only source of fats, which it clearly isn't in this case. Just dont order from Amazon, reviews show they dont store it correctly! Brilliant food, well worth i
01/10/15 | Karolina
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Love it

Love it my 10 months akita breed loves it since we have bought it first time... thank you Zooplus for supplying the great variance of the taste of wild
24/09/15 | Vanessa
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Fantastic food

My black lab loves this food and he is not a big eater . Within days of changing to this his coat started to shine . He looks lovely and healthy and glowing and people always ask how is coat is so shiny . I tell them it's this food , the difference is huge . Great company too
17/11/14 | Ajay
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The best for my huskies

this is by far the only food my huskies love eating. I have tried all the flavours - and I wouldn't change back to any other food.