17/12/15 | marian
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My cats love them

I have four cats and all of them love this snack, but it is true that from time to time they got bored and I change the snack and then come back to this one.
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Nice taste, so they come in handy as rewards for my cat. They are a good solution for my little ragdoll's hairballs
19/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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My cat loves these

My cat goes crazy for these treats, he loves them!
09/09/14 | Caroline
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Obsessed to the point of thievery!

4 cats and all of them enjoy these - even the two girls who don't usually show any interest in treats. The boys are obsessed with them; they know where they're stored & will try and break in to get to them. We keep having to move the storage location as there have been occasions we've found completely empty pots & very full kitties! They've definitely helped my long-haired boy deal with his hairballs better, in conjunction with malt paste.
01/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My little ones love this. It always brightens their day! :-)
12/02/14 | Jasmina
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My cat absolutely adores this!
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Beloved Breakfast

Hello everyone, We've been feeding our cats 3 pieces for breakfast. If I didn't, then they'd still be lying around everywhere. Our little one used to have very wiry fur, but not it is soft and silky. We hardly ever find signs of retching - although the pair still manage to lose plenty of hair between them :-)
30/12/12 | Julie
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Wonderful product!!

Have a Ragdoll cross with a sensitive tummy - these are the only treat I have found that she can tolerate, with the added benefit of significantly reducing hairball regurgitation, which during her last moult was so distressing she was afraid to eat.. what a wonderful product!!
06/09/12 | Janis
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My Devon Rexes LOVE These!

My boy loves these, although my breeder friend laughed - Devon Rexes have very short wavy coats! he does have the odd hairball though!
13/02/12 | Ciara
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My 2 absolutely love them and it helps with the hairballs!

Very good product, I have 2 long haired cats so fur balls can be an issue. In the past my ragdoll has has issues getting them up and isn't really herself (quiet, mopey)for a few days before she gets them up.. This treat has really helped her. While she still gets the odd hairball (always going to happen) she gets them up with no fuss and her fiesty little personality stay with her all the way. I bought the 3 pack as it works out better. The packet says to give 10 treats daily but I give them 4 each.
02/03/11 | Jan
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Great treats

My cat had a lot of furballs until I tried these treats. He hasn't had a furball in the last 4 months, and he loves them so that is a bonus 2 for the price of one a treat that that also keeps him healthy.There are plenty of suppliers in the UK so I have had no problems getting them.
26/01/11 | samo9789
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My cat loves the Temptations

Our cat eats Royal Canin dry food only but we do give her a few Whiskas temptations treats a day. She loves them. Her favorites seem to be the ones made to protect the teeth. Don't know if it does much for the teeth but she really regards them as treats. Good thing is, we get 5 variety widely distributed here in France.
29/10/10 | Debi
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They work

I'm not a fan of the Whiskas brand and don't give my cat Whiskas food, but was having a big problem with hairballs so thought I would give this a try. They really do work, he throws up far fewer hairballs. I wouldn't say they eliminate them totally but do make a big difference. He gets a couple of these a day and loves his daily treat. Recommended.
02/02/10 | Marion de Souza
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Great Anti-Hairball Product from Whiskas

My Birman cat Daisy was forever bringing up hairballs, but since using this product some months ago she has not had any hairballs. I really recommend this product to everyone. Just two a day is enough.
10/01/10 | Vanessa
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definitiely helps!

I give my 11 year old Russian Blue 4-8 pieces a day and it has really helped with hairballs. Recommended!
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Excellent Product

Why we cant get these in shops in the UK is beyond me. Excellent product, just one a day is enough.
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fanastic product, could not live without

these are fanastic, I have a long haired cat and we could not live without them, we give our cat one a day and he loves them and most of all not a hairball in sight !
27/08/08 | Lara Botha
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My cat loves these more than the normal Temptations! I can't believe Whiskas don't sell them in the UK as I don't think there is a similar treat on the market. Thank you Zooplus for selling them.
19/08/08 | Amanda
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My indoor cat suffered from regular hairballs when I first adopted him from cats protection. I tried various foods with supplements to prevent/control hairballs but as soon as I tried this I have not wanted (or needed) to buy anything else. Not only does my cat love the biscuits & gets all excited at thought of eating (!) but it has significantly reduced any hairballs. Am lucky if now once a month. Would definately recommend :)
28/06/08 | Jan
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Brilliant - all four of my cats love them!

I've got four cats, and three of them really suffer from hairballs. Only one of them likes the hairball paste stuff so I thought I'd give these a try. They all love these Whiskas treats - in fact I use them as special treats for the one who has to take a pill every day (to take the taste away). They've got a good strong smell, so you can also "hide" them in paper bags, etc so the cats can have some fun finding them!