My fussy spoiled cat loves this!

My cat loves it very much even when she’s on a hunger strike she still eats this!!! So happy.
11/22/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Cat is enthusiastic

Some time ago I was joking with a friend, that we would have to create a cat food that consists only of sauce, because the cats always leave the meat. The next day I find "Creamy Soups" at zooplus! This "creamy soup" contains exactly what the title promises, namely a thick, creamy soup with a few pieces of meat . My skinny sauce lover is absolutely crazy about it and I do not have to throw away loads of meat. Great idea!
10/18/16 | Pam Dolan

A cleared plate

My cat is a gravy addiction but often leaves chunks. But this new soup is a winner I have had a clear plate each time. He loves it and it makes me. Feel better as he actually eaten it all

Licked the bowl clean!

As per most cats mine are fussy eaters. We have tried all the varieties available and the bowl is licked clean every time. One of mine even goes as far as trying to chew up the empty packet!

It's all about the sauce!

My cats love this, and the meat amount is just right for them. Normally they leave loads of meat and just eat the sauce. Absolutely perfect.
08/26/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Give it a chance

Our 18 year old cat is tricky with food, but I still like to try new things out. He likes this a lot, we use it as a supplement to Hills i/d dry food. The fat content is moderate, and since there is little else in the pouch, there is also plenty of moisture. If you have an choosy eater why not try Creamy Soup.

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