Yummy food

My 3 cats love this food, they wont eat anything else and clean the bowl every time. Whiskas food -wet or dry- is their favourite and this pack is great to give them a bit of variety flavour wise with their wet meals. Fab product!

Our cats think it tastes great

It doesn't matter which flavour it is, our cats throw themselves at this food. They just love it... Obviously we've also tried giving them 'quality' food - but what's the point of premium food if the cats don't want to eat it? And anyway, Whiskas doesn't include any sugar, so that's something... I also don't really think it smells that bad and after all, even if it does smell a bit, it's not me that's eating it. As long as my cats like this food, they'll keep getting it because people don't eat healthily all the time either. And what one person thinks is healthy, other people criticise anyway... It can't really be that bad at all - our cats have gorgeous shiny coats, are very agile and have an ideal build (weight). We took two of our cats to a show in June and both of them got top marks.

Elvis loves Whiskas ♥

My cat is really happy with Whiskas. He's had it since he was born and like eating every flavour. He doesn't have any trouble digesting the food either. I can't complain. Great value for money. And as long as my cat likes it, I'm going to keep buying it.

My 2 cats love it

Whiskas is the only wet food for my cats. They're crazy about it. I never have to throw any of it away. They also like it with a bit of multivitamin paste mixed in.

Absolutely brilliant!!!!

My cats love this food. I breed Maine Coons. As well as Hill's, I always give them Whiskas wet food. I really recommend it! Full marks!!!!!

We buy all the varieties

Whiskas is out cat's favourite food. If I ever buy anything else, I have have to mix it up really well, otherwise it just ends up in the bin. Our cat eats all of the flavours and the fresh pouches are great, especially the ones with jelly because you don't end up with it all over your hands.


We've been feeding this to our 5 cats for years and have always been completely satisfied.

For a long life!

My moggy had Whiskas her whole life and she lived to be 23 years old! She died of old age and never suffered from any illnesses. She was an outdoor cat and obviously ate mice too. We have another cat now and we feed him Whiskas as well, of course. And he loves it!

Really tasty

My cat Tom really likes these pouches and is really healthy. He runs around outside all day and when he comes in he still wants to play - what more could you want?

Yum yum!!!

My two furbabies think this food is sooooo good... They love everything with loads of gravy!!! The only flavour they're not interested in is rabbit, but people don't eat everything either. They absolutely adore all the other flavours!


My cats love this food! They have it as a supplement to Royal Canin. They eat it all up and are completely crazy about it. And: they don't have any problems with their teeth or their pancreas. Five stars! Thanks ;-)

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