Our Labrador can't handle this wet food. Unfortunately he gets diarrhea, and I think the food smells horrible - safe to say the fish flavour was not a success with us

01/03/19 | Sassy

Great product

We don’t often give tinned food to our dog as it is bad for teeth so prefer giving home cooked meat, knowing the quality and cut of meat they are getting. But while on holiday, Nutmeg got cans of duck WOW tins of meat mixed into her kibble. Unlike other brands of tin food, it didn’t smell disgusting. Nutmeg was all wiggles and grins just smelling it and began offering to shake paws before it was even put down. No tummy upset and a happy dog, would buy again for when we are on holiday.

10/21/18 | Lee dobson


My boy loves this stuff can’t fault the quality we use dried and wet food all excellent and dry treats are awesome


Lucy loves it.

Lucy absolutely adores wolf of the wilderness. The high meat content and quality ingredients were the reason I bought these in the first place. Lucy never turns her nose up at this and loves all of the flavours available. This product always makes my shopping basket.

09/13/18 | Lisa

Great food

As the title says, Great food and the dog loves it😁 What more could you ask for.

08/15/18 | Sheryl

Scoffed the Lot

My dog is super fussy with his meat, won't eat Lamb, won't eat chicken. He absolutely loves Boar though. He would eat this one and the Reindeer one for every meal if I let him. Highly recommend if you're dog has a sensitive stomach as it will not upset it.

07/12/18 | Geoff


My Collies get half a can plus about 2/3 of the daily recommended amount of Wolf of the Wilderness dry food per day. Two happy sleek dogs with no huge poos full of the bulk that cheap foods add. Yes, it's a bit dear but I'm happy that my dogs aren't full of corn or wheat.


Wolfs it down

Our dog loves this food. Usually he is quite picky but with some of this added to his dried food he simply Wolfs in down!

03/12/18 | Sue

A very happy whippet!

Well, truth be told she's less Wolf of the Wilderness, more Whippet of the warm couch, but she loves this wet food. She can be a bit fussy so I was delighted to find a brand that really tickled her fancy.

03/02/18 | Diana

My dogs enjoyed it

I was buying little Wolf of wilderness for my dogs when they were puppies but then switched to cheap food from market stores and my dogs didn't want to eat it. Now when I bought them mixed pack of this food they are eating and enjoying their food

02/03/18 | Paul

Wolf of Wilderness Arctic Spirit

Very good. Joel really loves Arctic Spirit. He is quite fussy, but clears his bowl every time. He is a pug, but thinks he is a Wolf of Wilderness.

01/23/18 | Diane Barlow

At last food my dog with allergies can eat

My little yo-chon (Yorkie bichon x) began itching/pulling her fur out at the age of 6 months. She was diagnosed with a multitude of allergies including a food allergy. It took nearly 12 months to find a food she could have, that was venison (deer). It had to be the most expensive!!!! I searched everywhere for 100% venison. The ones I found were so expensive. I began doing further searches and finally found jack wolf. She loved it AND it’s affordable.

10/28/17 | Patricia Smith

Food for my pack of wolves!

My dogs absolutely love this food, dishes empty in seconds and some of my dogs bring their bowls for more.. seven dogs with healthy tummies and shiny coats.. which is wonderful as I have 2 dogs that can't eat chicken but with this they can all eat the same..

10/18/17 | Helen

Brilliant !

My GSD can be fussy, but he certainly wasn't with this food. I mixed it in with the Wolf dry kibbles and he was as happy as a dog with two tails!


Love it

Rory my young Scottie loves this. I had not fed wet food for a long time but this looks great and he is thriving.

10/07/17 | Jeanette R Morris


I bought this food for several months and my labrador loved it. I noticed it started to have lots of fatty lumps in it which I had to pick out but also my dog walked away from his food. I changed his food to Isegrim and Lilys Kitchen. He now has his appetite back. It is a pity about the amount of fat appearing in Wolf of Wilderness because it was excellent when I first bought it in April.

10/02/17 | Lynda

Excellent value

My two German shepherds absolutely love this food. We bought the mixed wet tins first to try. Normally fussy to feed they were bouncing up and down as I was dishing it up! It has a high meat content and isn't sloppy like a lot of other brands.

04/28/17 | Prabha Vamadevan

My Rottweiler Loves the stuff!

Extremely happy with the product! Had to change my dog's diet to grain free and it was really good to see him lapping up every morsel with great delight. I feed him both grain free kibble and wet food. He loves all the flavours! No digestive issues and he really looks forward to meal times!!


Whippet Friendly

Had trialled several different wet and dry dog food before this, but this has been the only one that my whippet will touch. He loves all the flavours; his coat is glossy and has no problems with his stools.


Great for fussy eaters

Our border collie is a very fussy eater after. We have tried many different products but she quickly gets bored. Tins are jam packed and full of meat. Now we don't give her anything else and she clears her bowl at every meal.

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