22/01/19 | Adeline
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Good quality dry foods

I have been feeding this dry dog food to my wild foxes. I can see the change in their appearance - beautiful coat of fur. They appear happy with the food.
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After my Rottie not eating his food for 2 week I gave him this today and he "wolfed" it down!
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Great food

My dogs really enjoy their Wolf of Wilderness. It's a good quality food 👍
17/09/18 | Sarah P
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It’s a winner!!

Our three picky mix breeds have tried Orijen, Canine Choice and other high brand dry dog food & really haven’t enjoyed eating them. With this food, they are straight to their bowls & it’s gone very quickly. Will be buying this brand again in more flavours!
05/09/18 | Valerie Gill
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Our Dogs Love it

Since we put our 2 GSD and 3 French Spaniels on it we have clean dishes and happy dogs. The spaniels in paricular can be fussy eaters and 1 does not get on with food that contains grains. We will defintely buy again
16/07/18 | Sue
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Both dogs licked there bowls clean .. will definitely be trying the other flavours also x
08/07/18 | Adele
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They Love it!

My 4 dogs have been on Wolf of the Wilderness for quite a while now. I thought I’d try the semi-moist version in Beef. My dogs usually eat a little then come back for some more later, with the semi-moist they are eating everything in the bowl in one sitting! They absolutely love it! Happy dogs happy me!
28/06/18 | mary
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Love it

2 fussy dogs but love this, They do like Markus mini but as a change they like the soft pieces.
16/05/18 | bryony singh
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I got this bag with my reward points to try with my lurcher. She is 14 months, and has a sensitive tum. She has been on Arden Grange Junior, but has been off it a bit, so i decided to try this as i change her over to adult food. I've been mixing it with her normal food, and her appetite is back. She loves it and no problems with her tummy. The food looks and smells good, but is very crunchy, so i soak it a little for her. I will be ordering a big bag to do the full change over.
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Loved by my Giant Schnauzers

I’ve tried several different fried foods, but always one liked it and the other didn’t. With Wild if Wilderness they both love it, especially the Wild Hills variety.
10/05/18 | Sarah
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My fussy English Bull Terrier absolutely loved this. She wasn’t really eating our old dry food any more so looked for a change. If this didn’t work we would be going back to RAW feeding (wich is amazing but expensive) This dry food is fantastic, she comes looking when it’s dinner time and the food isn’t on the floor, the chunky size of the food is great too. We haven’t had and itchy skin flare ups since using it ether, soo all round a fab product. Dry happy.
26/02/18 | John David Sinclair
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WOW Green Fields

My Boxer dog loves this. Always eats the lot quickly & asks for more!
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My fussy chihuahua loves to crunch this

sent by zooplus as a new customer trial thank you gift .. i will be ordering more in the future as Midge can be very picky and loves these little biscuits. My pug refuses but she is very fussy with anything hard she has to chew .. not a biscuit lover unless it's scottish shortbread haha.
17/02/18 | Kirstie
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Simply fab

Great quality food at a great price. Would highly reccomend. My Newfoundland and German shepherd are loving it with great coat condition too.
15/02/18 | Victoria
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Fussy dog loves it

I recently changed to this after my female Boxer refused to eat her cold pressed dog biscuits I was feeding, read the reviews and looked at the quality of ingredients and decided to try, she loves it both wet and dry and happily waits to be fed and eats it all! I have also noticed less poos on walks and she is looking nice and shiny.
26/01/18 | Dan
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A food I'm happy to give

My 4 month old husky Clay loves his duck flavoured kibble and the tins were a nice bonus too. Great ingredients at a good price I'll be ordering a couple more bags soon.
16/01/18 | Jan
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That extra bit help with kidney disease

Storm likes this, grabs a mouthful and wonders off to a comfy spot and you can see he enjoys eating it. He has kidney and liver disease, using this range has honestly helped him, his appetite is back and he is definitely coping a lot better.
05/01/18 | Beryl Owen
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Excellent dog food

Walt our Labrador lapped this food up! No problems with loose stools or any digestive problems. Would highly recommend
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Great wolf food for wolfs

My (very wolf-looking) Siberian husky loves this food. When we got her as a puppy, she was very picky and would not eat at all for days if she did not like food. We tried every commercial brand of dog foods - until we found this Wolf brand. I now buy a mix of flavours in dry and wet, and alternate. Her fur stays dry shiny and beautiful, and she is full of energy.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Smaller dogs live it too

I have a French bulldog and a pug. My frenchy has a grain intolerance and my pug seems to have a chicken intolerance. I have tried almost all dry dog foods that you can get in the UK and this bay far is the best brand. The whites of their eyes are clear and bright, their ears are healthy and their coat is thicker and shinier (the pug even sheds less). They have fewer stools which are always hard and easy to pick up and most importantly they love it. I tend to buy a variety of each flavour and rotate between them so they don't get sick of it. If you haven't tried this food already I would definitely give it a go.