08/04/21 | Arthur Guinness

Yummy yum yum & I look rather gorgeous

I love this stuff. Spruces up my diabetic dry food which is half my diet. This oil makes it more interesting, still not half as good as my raw delectables but it improves the kibble. My dandruff is a bit better, my coat is shinier and my person doesn’t mind the smell when I groom myself after eating it. She complains that the top is very leaky and the oil drips down the bottle constantly. Meh. Humans always complain about something tho, don’t they?

09/25/17 | Heather Newton

Silkiest cat coat ive ever felt

I have a ragdoll with a thick fur coat, and i find that outting half a tea spoon (as directed) onto his food once a day makes his coat so so fluffy! When people come over they will always compliment him and say he feels like feathers. I have also noticed he has less fur balls. He licks this off my fingers so must like the taste- he is usually somewhat fussy and will only have grain free/ high meat content food, so it is very rich in smell/taste. I work in a vets and always recommend this.