08/20/20 | cas

my rats are obsessed

they hear the cap unscrewing and go CRAZY. they absolutely love this stuff. tube lasts about two months or so for us. definitely buying again as €3 is nothing for my rats’ happiness!

06/04/20 | Susan Jeffries


I think Sammie is hooked on this, l am so glad she can have it every day or there would be trouble from Princess Sansa ! Oh and it helps with her constipation..result.😺


Best malt paste!

We have tried some other brands and whilst they enjoy those - this one tops them all! The malt content is high so that maybe what they love. Because the malt content is high, they need less than some other brands so it works out cost effective too. I will continue to buy this product. No hairballs so far after 1 week using it.

02/23/17 | marta

good value,does the work

we bought this a month ago, my kitty gets 1 serving every day with her morning food, so far so good, she loves the taste of it. i find that most of this cat malt are made of the same so comparing to other ones it is good price for the amount that you getting.


My cats love it!

It's their favourite malt paste, they go crazy as soon as they see the tube. 100% recommend it.

08/20/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

Love the taste

I've just ordered this product for the second time. I'm not joking, they'll lick my fingers when they're done to get all the flavour. It comes in a handy package unlike other brands and it can take a bit of heat.

01/22/15 | originally published in zooplus.es

She loves it

She has it as a treat every day and we haven't had any more problems with hairballs



The malt is absolutely superb, the perfect substitute for grass. My cats love it. Everyone is happy ;))

03/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Loved and licked!

My pussy loves this malt. She goes crazy for it and the vomiting has almost completely ceased. Great digestive aid!

01/27/14 | Chiara

My cats loooooove it!

Having two persian cats, I was worried about the hairballs so I decided to try this product. Once they have tried it, they completely falled in love. I works and it's a great treat. Highly reccommended!


Good product, my cat love it

I have been using this product for more than a year, now. My cat love it and I often use it as a little treat after an unpleasant treatment like nails cutting.

12/15/11 | Erja

All three cats love it

This is one of our cats' favorite treats and just seeing the tube makes them crazy. I've even given some medicin covered in this and they ate it without any problems. Our cats recommend this.

08/31/11 | Neite


my two cats love it!!! cheap and really good! cats going crazy then they see th tube !

06/02/11 | Sharron A

5 out of 5 cats love it

Unusually for my lot, all four cats and one kitten absolutely love this malt paste-theres usually at least one that won't touch the things i buy for them

01/11/10 | Kirsten W.


My cat loves this paste! The only trouble I've had with it is that in the current cold snap, it's gone quite solid in the tube and I can't squeeze it out quickly enough for him!

07/26/09 | Ness R

Excellent Value and the Cat Loves It

I have used several brands of malt paste in the past and I think this is the best yet. The consistency is good, the tube size is good, the price is excellent and most importantly, my cat will cross hot coals to get at it. A great product all round!

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