01/10/21 | Andrei A
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Cleared my cat’s dermatitis(resulting from allergie)

My vet suggested this food for my 1year old male cat, after his biopsy results returned and we discovered he had dermatitis, most probably from something he is allergic to.The first thing I did was switch to this food reccomended by the vet and after 2 months he was almost fully cleared up.He is healthy, full of energy and has a fantastic coat of fur, very soft and shinny.
03/02/21 | Alexandra
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GI Issues

My Maine coon cat was prescribed this food by our vet as she has severe GI problems, chronic diarrhoea , IBD. This food worked a magic for her. She is doing much better and has regular and proper bowel movements now. It is expensive but was worth it. Smells strange but all my fussy cats liked it.
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really helped!

My rescue cat lost almost all her fur through overgrooming due to a meat allergy so my vet suggested this and it really helped. Within 3 months she was a totally different cat, much calmer and with fur slowly growing back. I do have to mix it with a teaspoon of tuna, but she eats every bit and loves it!
01/01/20 | P.M.
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Great food for very allergic cats

My cat has a severe allergy condition, feeding her with Royal Canin Anallergenic stopped the steroids injections to control allergies.