Kibbles are quite bigger but cat loves it

My cat is very fussy about her food, but going from the Reduced Calorie to the new Metabolic was not much of a problem. She absolutely loved it, but the major issue now is that she is a lot hungrier and eats the portion faster than with the previous one. Not sure if it's because it tastes better, or if she is able to eat it quickly because of the bigger kibbles, but sometimes she was eating it so fast that she would throw it all up. Giving her smaller portions each time did the trick, though.
02/26/21 | Mary Alagna

Cat gained weight

My cat was doing well on original reduced val formula but his appetite increased on this and he gained weight. He seemed to be hungry all the time I switched back to the regular recipe. Hunger level same as on metabolic. Urinary issues have remained absent I Changed to a timed feeder in late December, to try to make sure I don't overfeed.
01/22/21 | Nikos


My cat was doing great on cd stress reduced calorie but since it was discontinued I changed to this formula. He started peeing in the house again within the first 2 weeks. I changed to cd stress regular formula hoping that he is not going to gain extra weight. Also the lack of glucosamine in cd +metabolic is also a huge downgrade .

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