23/09/18 | Rachel
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Very palatable

Tried this recently with my cat Boris who won't eat wet renal foods and he loves it. So good to see him eating well as his renal problems have caused serious weight loss
15/01/18 | Steve
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We have one cat with renal problem but both cats love This. they were very fussy with the wet food but love this stuff.
02/07/17 | Sarah .
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Very Good Croquettes .

My 19 year old cat treated for an IRC for almost 9 years he was never a greedy cat, but rather delicate, he experienced the best kidney kibble brands including many that he did not like. But as soon as he tasted them, he appreciated and adopted them.
16/02/17 | Marian Fernandez
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All my cats love it, even if they do not have to eat it

One of my 4 cats has severe renal disease and she is extremely picky with the food. Fortunately she eats this dry food although I haven't had that luck with the wet food of the same brand. Also my other 3 cats like this food too, they are always trying to steal some.
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Cat loves it

My 18 year old cat was diagnosed with early stages of renal disease 6 months ago and had been gradually losing some weight. Started to give this Renal select a few weeks ago and it is perfect. She loves it, and has finally gained some weight and her blood/urine results are stable.
05/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My cats like to eat this

I've been feeding my cats exclusively kidney diet foods since Oct 15. Sally likes dry food and gets Royal Canin Renal Select Feline - she likes it very much, it agrees with her really well and her blood tests have got better and better! She's a balanced, happy cat and the vet is very happy with her test results. I give this maximum points.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My treasure's favourite food

My little treasure has only had kidney problems for a couple of months and this food is her absolute favourite. She gobbles it all down - completely ignores any other food.
24/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Love this food

We used to use HappyCat Kidney dry food. Unfortunately Gina (Siamese, age 17) was sick every morning. Since starting her on RCRSF (4 weeks ago) she hasn't been sick once. She also eats a lot more. That's not bad for a senior kitty with kidney trouble. Absolutely top! We're sticking with it!
23/11/15 | Lyon Murray
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A kibble my cat actually likes

Trying to get my cat who has chronic kidney disease to eat what she needs in the way of special veterinary recommended foods has been very difficult. She turns up her nose at practically everything offered. My vet and I both agree that it must have something to do with her taste buds or even an unpleasant taste in her mouth as a result of her condition. I asked my vet's advice about this product and he said I could safely order it. I'm so pleased I did because my little girl enjoys it.
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Agrees with my cat

My cat Sheldon is on a kidney diet. Most special foods are simply ignored or tolerated for a while. He's really choosy. I'm ordering this food for the second time now - success!

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