Diet cat

Perfect for my old heavy cat with urinary problems too... Does all it is meant to do.. My vet never stocks this. But Zooplys service is excellent.

12/14/18 | Iseult

My cats love this

Got this for my cats because a couple had a problem with frequency and now they won't eat anything else. They love it. Fixed up their urinary problems too.

05/30/18 | Piotr

It works

May cats love it and it really works,keep urinary track clear of cristals just after weeks of use


Cat food

Been using Zoo Plus for a couple of years now, fantastic service from them, honest, trustworthy and helpful


Very satisfied

The 1st time I have used Zooplus and very pleased with delivery time. will use again

11/01/17 | Michelle Hawkins

No more crystals.

Our 8 year old boy had struvite crystals in his urine. Our vet advised using this for 6 weeks. Smokey really liked these biscuits relief as most cat owners know cats can be a nightmare with vet diets. 6 weeks later his urine retested and he's been given the all clear. Highly recommend.

10/25/17 | Sandra

Royal canin LP34

Great product, good value as always. Speedy dispatch and quick delivery, thanks zooplus


Loki loves it and I do too

As a veterinary nurse, I understand the importance of feeding a good quality diet whilst managing potentially serious medical conditions. When Loki was diagnosed with stress induced cystitis from moving house, I immediately had his urine tested and it was revealed he also had struvite crystals. I changed him over on to this food and touch wood he hasn't had any problems since. He loves the food and I'm happy as long as he's healthy. Happy owner, happy cat.


Royal Canin cat food S/O LP 34

Delivered promptly each time. Cats quite happy with it and it seems to help them maintain a good standard of health.

02/07/17 | Janet

Worked a treat

Belle my moggy had stones in her bladder which was causing her problems but this food has dissolved them! She loves it and her sister is on it too now. Their coats are shiny and soft - great product.

05/03/15 | Heather

Effective treatment for urinary issues

Our male cat first started with this product in the Middle East after developing crystals that made it difficult to pass urine. Since starting it the problem appears to have been resolved and now back in the UK he is back to his mischievous self.

01/21/15 | Izzy

No more cystitis

My young cat had a severe bout of cystitis a while ago and was passing blood and in pain. It took two different lots of antibiotics to work for him and the vet put him onto the Royal Canin Vet Diet - Urinary S/O LP 34 dry food. He has never had a recurrence of cystitis since and his mum also has this food. They love it. I buy from Zooplus, as it is so much cheaper than buying from the vet. Good customer service too.


The best food!

Our Persian cat had some problems with urinary crystals a few years ago and the vet recommended us this food. We haven't had any more problems since we started using it and our cat likes it more than some of the fattier foods he's had before.

08/29/14 | Siobhan


Tom Cats are known to have bladder issues when defending their teritory. My Tom cat was defending his sister to a full Tom cat and I had to take him to the vets for Cystitus three times. On the forth time he was attacked that bad that his bladder blocked and it was thankful that we had a litter tray and he show me that no urine was passing. He survived and the vet recommended this product, a year later and all Three of my cats are eating this and it is amazing stuff. They are health, content, coats are shiny and they are more loving too. It also saves me on buying and wasting too much wet food. I still feed them wet food as they like it. This is brilliant thank you


Perfect though a bit pricey

My cat loves the taste of this food as if it were a drug! It keeps him happy and we've had no more problems with urinary stones.

06/08/14 | L Ferns

Royal Canine Veterinary Diet - Urinary S/O LP 34

I have a Pedigree British Blue cat and she has always suffered from Urinary problems including Crystals and the only food the works for her is this Royal Canine Veterinary Diet - Urinary S/O LP 34 and I am so glad Zooplus do it in the extra large 9kg bags as they are so hard to find, and are the best and cheapest way to buy this. Many thanks Zooplus


We have not been to the vet for a while

Our cat Socks began to have stones in his urine, and we had to make a lot of trips to the vet. He recommended using this food to keep the problem under control. Now Socks has this daily mixed with other food (Happy Cat, which is a bit cheaper but also good quality), and the problem is resolved. And the cat loves it!

05/20/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

Excellent product

My cat had some problems a couple of years ago because he had crystals in his kidneys and all the way through his urinary system. It was quite serious! Since he's been eating this food he's had excellent results, he eats it happily and can wee normally again!

05/20/14 | originally published in zooplus.es


My cat has had several episodes of urinary infection, but since we've been feeding him this we've not had any more problems. Highly recommended!

01/13/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

Recommended product to prevent urinary problems

My Persian cat has had lots of problems with infection and bladder stones, and he had an operation to remove them. After that the vet told us to feed him this food to prevent the formation of struvite and oxalate stones - since then he has had no problems. We are delighted!