05/21/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Some tins seem to have faulty seals

My cat initially loved this food, she's gone off it recently. Perhaps related - I have noticed that in almost every pack there is a tin or two where the seal doesn't seem to be OK - the top of the tin pops when pressed. I've had a few tins bubble and squirt liquid when opened, despite looking OK (no dents/damage, intact packaging). This is not right!


Smell delicious to me but cat won’t even look at it.

None of my four cats would go near it. Ended up feeding the foxes with it instead.


my cat won't eat it

the food actually looks and smells ok. It looks like steam shredded chicken with quite a bit of fat. However, my cat won't eat it possibly that it smells relatively blend compared to other wet cat food.