25/06/20 | Nomiki
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I would like to say a big thank you for giving the best food and super duper extra large kibble that any mastiff dog owner could ask. I am a regular client of zoo, but I have never purchased your brand due to economic reasons. Last month they had the best deal, for 2 large packs at almost 50 euros. So I took my chance and I am so glad I did! I may not be able to continue buying if it goes up again, but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for giving people the chance to have this food on discount!
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This is a great kibble, lots of nutrients and a great price. My woody is fairly fussy but has eaten all of this food about 90% of the time, I would recommend it.
13/12/18 | peter farrow
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concept for life trial

gave this a try as price looked good and content sounded as if premium. my Germen Shepherd seemed to enjoy it, I'm ordering a large bag now , so far so good
02/12/18 | Robert gemmell
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Thanks very much

The food is great and my rottie puppy love it growing nicely and looks great will always be keeping my rottie on this food I would highly recommend the food
15/09/18 | stuart woodcock
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food for my lab

weve had JD, Royal Canin and now this, concept for life food for our lab as he has elbow displacier. he likes them all and have seen no plus or minus between them other than the price
23/08/18 | Jim Dunt
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Loved it

Cleared his bowl in seconds! Too early to say if it helps his joints.
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This is the best product in the market. Good for my dog health and diets also.And prices of the product is also resonable
13/01/18 | Alison
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Great food

I mixed this with my dogs original food so I could introduce it slowly. Both dogs picked out the large chunks from their bowls and eat those first. Both of them loved it.
10/01/18 | Sharon Pearce
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I've got a rescue staffy who was a fussy eater. Swapped to concept for life he know eats twice a day every day. Great value for money and would recommend😊
06/11/17 | Rev P R Brown
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If they could talk I’m sure they’d say “IT’S DELICIOUS” !!

I don’t really know much about dog food. But we do know our 2 Labradors love this. Over the years we’ve tried various dry, well-known varieties. ‘Concept for Life’ seems to suit them extremely well & better than more expensive products. It also suits our pockets nicely. PRB
27/09/17 | Hani
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Loves it!

After giving this food to my cats for about a year, when zooplus brought out the dog version of it I jumped straight at the opportunity! Dog loves it and his coat is super shiny. Only downside is that I wish the pieces were just a little thicker as mine forgets to chew the pieces as they're quite small!
28/07/17 | Kokomidi
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Glad we tried it

I have been trying to look for an alternative for Koko for a long time but it was not an easy task….She likes this food instantly and it controls her weight well too. Will keep her on this food for another year and see… so far so good….
06/04/17 | Yvonne (North Yorkshire)
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I had my 13 year old cat on the cat version and the change in her was amazing, lively, playful. slimmed down to 5.5kgs and thick glossy coat. So I put my two lab pups on the junior and my older lab on the lab retriever. Everybody comments on what fine dogs they are, including the vets, good bone structure,glossy coats and very healthy. Less poos in garden (and cat litter) and all 4 love it and lick their bowls clean. I keep some aside and use as training treats and it makes training much easier
08/01/17 | Yvonne (North Yorkshire)
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Really well liked

Zooplus has only just started stocking this brand and i'm so glad they did. I've bought CFL for years for my cat and have swapped my 12 month old labrahounds onto it as my cat does so well on it. I'm not disappointed. They love it and they digest it really well with good shaped stools, glossy coat and lots of vitality. So far (used 2 bags now) no hyperactivity, nice calm dogs. The only complaint I have is the kibbles are very small for a LARGE breed specific food.
07/12/16 | Lynn Abbott
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At long last ive found a food my fussy dog loves.

Buddy is a JRT and can be very fussy about what he eats. I have tried all the well known, good brand, dried foods in his 7yrs. But I think I've cracked it with Concept For Life. I buy the 1.5kg bags as I swap between the mini adult and the mini senior to stop him from becoming bored eating exactly the same food day in day out. He also gets any leftover veg from our tea - carrots, broccoli, green beans and cauliflower all go down well as extras. Buddy weighs 7.5kg and gets fed 100g of Concept For Life each day.
02/09/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Concept for Life Medium Adult

My dog used to be on Josera, but he's very happy with Concept for Life. Bought it because of the suitable kibble size.
17/08/16 | Emma Osborne
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Concept for life Senior

I have placed my elderly dog (7) on this food as i wanted a highly quality food for him in his senior years. He eats it very quickly and has never refused a meal. I have also noticed that because I am feeding him significantly less, his poo is a lot smaller and less smelly. His coat has become very glossy. I am very happy with this product and can't recommend it highly enough, I will be keeping him on this food.
17/08/16 | Emma Osborne
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Concept for life Large Junior

I bought this food for my 8 week old Labrador as i wanted high quality food for him to grow and develop properly on, I have not been disappointed. He has taken to it with ease it smells very nice and even better when warmed slightly. His Poo is small and unsmelly and he is always looking for his next meal. I will be switching him onto Labrador Adult when he is old enough. I cannot rate this food Highly enough
27/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Sensitive Dog

My dog has lots of intolerances, but since switching to this food with a mono-protein source, there have been no more tummy troubles! Plus, his coat is once again really shiny - I can almost see my reflection in it! :)
27/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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5 stars!

I was on the hunt for the best food for my dog and it seems that I've finally found it! Her coat shines (like I have sprayed it with hairspray!) and her diarrhoea is gone too! GREAT!