20/08/22 | Teresa Olszewska
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great taste

my two cats really like the taste of this food, I still feed them with royal urinary food, I'm not sure if the Purizon would work as veterinary food but I have to add now some of Purizon otherwise they would not touch Royal, I use Purizon as snacks as well
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My three cats love it

I've tried Hills pet food before but looked for an alternative as they carry out animal testing on caged cats. I wanted cruelty free cat food. I emailed Purina who confirmed that they are cruelty free. It's a German brand. Due to the high meat content my cats ADORE it. They love it more than any other cat food I tried. The smell is amazing too.
26/04/21 | Dympna
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Very good dry food!

I recently got a 2Kg bag of this new flavour from Purizon - I have been buying the chicken & fish one to augment my cats normal food. My cats love this new flavour, they like the Chicken & Fish one too but I think they like this one even better! the biscuits are bigger in this new version and there is a higher fat content than the one with fish so I have to watch the amount I give my indoor cat as she is prone to weight gain. Overall I think this is a great new addition to the Purizon range!