12/29/18 | Rob

My big girl lives this food

Have been using it for 5+ years for my Briard
09/20/18 | Sylvia Clegg

Clean dish

Alfie has always been a fussy eater and if he would always leave some of his food in the dish. We tried the sample tins of dog food and Lukullus chicken and lamb came tops. Clean bowl every time. He will eat some of the other flavours but the lamb is definitely his favourite. He gets very giddy after his meal and rolls around on the floor with his legs in the air - happy boy.
01/17/18 | Lauren Bevan

Dogs dinner

My four Chihuahuas can be picky but the four all enjoyed. Boots was going mad sniffing in the kitchen while I got their food ready. I ordered the mixed set of 24x 800g. Each dog is given 50 grams of meat, 50 grams of dry. I use the wet food in Kongs, freeze them and each dog gets one of the kongs with 27 grams of this wet food. This wet food was easy to remove from the tin using a fork. The tins have a pull tab.

Lukullus Salmon & Chicken

I was pretty surprised that my dog loved this flavour so much - but Lukullus is without a doubt the best wet food we've ever tried! Smells so good that I wish I could have some!
06/06/17 | Tony

Dogs like it!

I have tried many wet dog foods. Some my dogs hate and won't touch, others they like but have bad side effects. I have a Pug, and anyone who's had a Pug knows that Pugs fart. A lot. Get a bad dog food and boy do you know about it! Not with this, my Pug scoffs it down, and no vomit inducing pungent whiffs! Win win!
06/01/17 | Julie

One very happy Doodle!!!

I reluctantly decided to try Lukullus wet food as i was desperate to get my fussy 11 month Labradoodle to eat his dried dog food. Having researched the ingredients and read the reviews, i decided to give it a go. He now sits and waits patiently for me to put the food down and licks the bowl clean. it looks like we won't be going back to dried food.
05/12/17 | Claire

Our dogs (and cat!) love this!!

I spent a lot of time researching good quality wet dog food. I find this comes out top for quality, value and for the simple fact our 3 dogs absolutely love it, our cat also likes to steal it from the dogs bowls while they are eating!!. Their shiny coats and excitement at dinner time are all I need to see, to keep feeding them this food. Fantastic food and the 24 x 800g packs are a lifesaver when you have multiple dogs to feed.
02/05/17 | Lesley Gibson

Very fussy ex stray dog

My very fussy rescue Podenco who would rather not eat than try something other than a rotting rabbit loves this and eats it without me having to hand feed him excellent food all flavours.
02/05/17 | Laura

Got my rottie's seal of approval!

We are converts to this brand following some research I did on quality wet dog foods. We mix 1/4 of a 800g of Lukullus wet dog food with 1.5 scoops of Barking Heads Turkey Delight. Rodney gets so excited about his breakfast and dinner every single day! His stools are consistently solid (unlike previously) and the saver pack lasts a good while, so is great value. Lovely choice of meats and flavours, and the quality is obvious with large chunks of meat in the tins. Would highly recommend.
02/05/17 | Rob

Perfect food

Our two cairn terriers love this quality product and never have stomach problems and always look fit and healthy. Mixed with Burns dry food for the perfect balance. Would never change as other tried products to not come up the same standard.
06/28/16 | jenny Knight

Eating at last

i have a young Staffie who is a really fussy eater.We got him Orijen which he refuses to eat,much to our disappointment as it has excellent reviews.We purchased various cans of food from Zooplus France,this was to mix with his dry food,but he still refused it.I have now left the dry food out and given him just wet.By far he prefers the Lukullus,we have the dish licked clean.It is a very good food and he has thrived on it.It is a good food with no awful smell.
06/08/16 | Angie B

My Three Daxies Devour This Food.

I am so glad I recently researched this food and Zooplus suppy it and deliver it to my door. My dogs absolutely adore their meals now. They will not eat dry food and this is excellent quality at an excellent price. It is not all sloppy as much of the food is these days you buy from the supermarket. Also I find it economical for my breed as I can get several meals from the larger tin. I will be purchasing this brand from now on.

Recently switched from raw feeding.

I've been feeding my dogs raw homemade food for 3 years but recently switched back to normal dog food as I'm 7 months pregnant and dealing with the raw food is tiring now. Really happy with the switch, food is good quality and reasonably priced. The dogs love it. I mix with Lukullus dry food and both dogs are keen to get their dinner. Happy healthy dogs!

A good quality food

Would buy again
05/03/15 | Tracey Haden


Excellent food which our seven greyhounds love and good value. Good delivery service as well.
03/27/15 | Carole Taylor

yummy yummy in our tummies

Having searched the market for an alternative healthy wet dog food for my three pooches, two setters and a springer, I came across this and liked what I read so gave it and go and WOW the pooches cannot get to their dishes fast enough even my two setters who are very difficult to please, not anymore it smells nice to humans so I can only image it must taste nice to them, Thank-you so much Lukullus for giving me an alternative and healthy option.
02/04/15 | Shirley

They love it. Firm rather than just goo

My pug and dachshund both eat it straight up. Would eat the whole tin given the chance
01/28/15 | Deb

Really good quality, but the potato recipes cause bit of prob

My dogs love these, and they really do smell edible, kind of sausagey (though the presence of tubes would prevent a sneaky taste by me, even if I wasn't vegetarian). There seemed to be a bit of an issue with the potato recipes with my dogs (who are a bit tricky on the digestive front), slight textural changes with number twos, but the other recipes are fine :) Would be good if there were a few more potato free choices in the bargain packs.
12/09/14 | Trudy R

Superb food for my fur-family!!

The dog food is full of meat, smells lovely (even being dog food!!) my two dogs absolutely adore this purchase and for the first time, go mental at meal times!! I am so happy myself that I have found this brand, I am confident that I am now feeding them the best on the market. My 9 yr old has completely changed, from sleeping all day to being puppy like and wanting fuss all of the time. My 2 yr is growing strong.
11/07/14 | Adele

Smells good enough for me to eat!

I have struggled for many years to find a food that my extremely fussy & at times self starving Golden Retriever will eat consistently. I must have tried every wet food on the market with exception of the poor quality commercial brands. She might like something one day then refuse it the next. Frustrating! After buying a mixed trial pack of Lukullus, I am over the moon that she is eating it with gusto. Thank goodness! I love the quality of this food too. Win win.

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