02/12/21 | Dawid Mielczarek
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Alien body (plastic) in the can

Please be careful during pouring food to the bowl. I found one piece of plastic coming from some clamp from production process(stated by producer). Unfortunetely producer only gave me information that he can ensure that 99% can will not have "alien body" rest is your risk.
03/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Always the same, once I start giving them this they seem to get diarrhea. They like the food, but I don't think it agrees with them. They are not normally sensitive dogs, just had bad experiences with this food :(
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My dog has been on this for years but the last batch made him very sick...

My dog doesn't have a sensitive stomach. This is a dog who can eat paraffin and rocks without a hiccup. He's been successfully eating Rocco since he was a pup. For some reason, the last batch made him very, very sick. Also, the cats, who normally swarm the food, wouldn't even look at it. Zooplus were very helpful in giving me a refund, but I still don't understand what the issue was so I'm scared to buy it again.