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Mucki Bird Grass

Product description

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2 x Bird grass dishes with brackets
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Product description

Grow your own fresh, vitamin rich grass for your pet birds. With a bracket for easy mounting in the cage.
Pet birds need fresh food for their daily vitamins. This dish contains everything that you need to grow your own bird grass: a mineral substrate (vermiculite*) stores water which is then slowly released, providing a constant source of water for the little germinating plants.
Just add water and within a few days you will have a dish full of tender green shoots. The dish can be placed in the included bracket and mounted in the cage so your bird can help itself to fresh food whenever it feels like it. Mucki Bird Grass is a supplementary feed.

Bracket: 10 x 13 cm
Dish: 10 x 8 x 3 cm

*Vermiculite is a water retentive, non-toxic and virtually mould-free mineral clay.


Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
Supplementary feed for exotic birds. Bird grass should be fed as a daily complete feed.

Spread seeds over the earth and sprinkle over approx. 50ml of water. Loosely lay the lid over the top of the dish but don't clip it on. Leave somewhere light and warm. Germination of the grass takes about 7-14 days. Once grass has reached a height of 1cm, remove the lid. Keep the earth constantly moist up till harvest time.


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