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Trixie Tick Tweezers with LED

Product description

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Product description

Practical tool for the removal of ticks, with an integrated LED light to help your find the parasites in your pet’s fur and reduce the risk of transmitting dangerous pathogens.
This well-designed Trixie Tick Tweezers with LED makes it effortless to remove nasty ticks from your pet’s fur. It resembles a pencil shape and has a practical clip to keep it fastened to your clothing when out and about, with a special grip section to make it easy to hold and be precise. The integrated LED light makes it easier to find the ticks and is particularly helpful in dark lighting or for pets with long hair. This Trixie Tick Tweezers with LED can help to rid your pet of unwanted parasites and reduce to risk of transmitting dangerous diseases.

The Trixie Tick Tweezers with LED comes with a battery and is easy to use. With the light on, simply guide the pen between the skin and the tick until the creature is firmly locked into the clamp. With a smooth, sliding upward motion you should then be able to effortlessly pull the tick out of the skin. This clever device allows even the most inexperienced pet owner to remove ticks completely and safety. If any part of the tick gets left in the skin or fur, contact your vet immediately!

Trixie Tick Tweezers with LED at a glance:
  • Tick remover for dogs and cats
  • With LED light: makes it easier to find the ticks, particularly in long fur or dull light
  • Simple to use: easy, established method for the safe and complete removal of ticks
  • Protection against diseases: reduces the risk of transmitting dangerous pathogens
  • Practical and easy to use: with clip and textured grip zone, fits easily into the hand
  • With batteries: 3 x L736C batteries included
  • Colour: red or green (cannot be selected)
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: diameter 1.3 x (L) 14cm

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