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Trap-it! Cat Litter Mat

Product description

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Product description

Cat litter tray mat, stops litter getting spread around your home, helps keep paws clean, double-layered mat collects litter, hygienic, soft and inviting under paws, dimensions: 77 x 46.5cm (L x W)

It is just as important to keep on top of hygiene in the surrounding area as it is to clean your cat’s litter tray often. The Trap-it! Cat Litter Mat makes it easier to keep your home clean as its textured top layer catches litter from your cat’s paws and prevents the litter from being spread around your home. The mat has two layers so litter is trapped in the pores of the top layer and sinks into the second layer. The collected litter can easily be poured out of the side opening back into the litter tray or into the bin. The top layer is pleasantly soft and easy on the paws. The underside is waterproof. This mat is ideal for use with fine litter or cat litter sand.

Trap-it! Cat Litter Mat at a glance:

  • Mat for cat litter trays
  • Suitable for all fine types of litter and for litter sand
  • Textured top layer: collects litter from cats’ paws, helps to keep your home clean
  • Double-layered mat effectively collects litter: litter falls through the pores of the top layer to the absorbent layer.
  • Easy to clean: simply open at the side, pour collected litter back into the litter tray or into the bin.
  • Washable: wash under running water
  • Waterproof underside
  • Particularly hygienic: reduces loose or dirty litter being spread around, helps keep paws clean
  • Kind to paws: pleasantly soft top layer, ideal for sensitive paws
  • Colour: grey
  • Material: 100% plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total 77x 46.5cm (L x W)
    • Opening: approx. 3 x 3mm


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