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Terra Faelis Meat Menus 6 x 200g

Product description

Terra Faelis Meat Menus 6 x 200g 4 20
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Chicken, Squash & Catnip
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Rabbit, Broccoli & Catnip
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Product description

Terra Faelis is a premium quality cat food with taurine for healthy eyes and heart. Grain-free, made from natural ingredients, and enriched with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Terra Faelis Meat Menus cat food is a tasty home-style meal for cats made from natural, premium ingredients. The Terra Faelis nutrition concept with its varied recipes is based on the natural feeding habits of your cat. Careful, gentle preparation of fresh ingredients ensures an optimal diet with all the necessary nutrients to keep your pet healthy.

The Terra Faelis Meat Menus for cats are produced by an acclaimed Bavarian butcher using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. This third generation family business has already won many awards and prizes for its products and is one of the best butcher's shops in Munich with a reputation for only using high-quality products. As a company which produces only food, it is only permitted to store, process, and sell produce of human consumption quality. This guarantees that Terra Faelis cat food is made using the best premium ingredients.

Terra Faelis Cat Food at a glance:

  • All meat and other ingredients are freshly processed. The ingredients are of German origin and of a food grade suitable for human consumption.
  • Terra Faelis guarantees that only the ingredients listed are used in the preparation of the food.
  • The gentle cooking process (cold filling method & low cooking temperature) ensures that the high-quality, natural vitamins, secondary plant material, minerals/ trace elements and proteins are preserved to an extremely high degree.
  • The addition of precisely calculated amounts of eggshells ensure a natural, optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.2 : 1.0. for your cat.
  • Terra Faelis never uses meat meal or bone meal, low-grade by-products, fillers, slaughterhouse waste, artificial flavours, aromas, preservatives or colours, artificial antioxidants or any chemical additives, binding agents or sugar.
Terra Faelis cat food ingredients:
  • Muscle meat: Ensures the body is supplied with high-quality proteins and Omega-6 fatty acids. Muscle meat includes hearts and gizzards (chicken, turkey and rabbit gizzards are pure muscle and therefore not counted as offal). When preparing pet food, the proportion of muscle meat should always be the highest. Terra Faelis Meat Menus consist mainly of muscle meat.
  • Lamb & Beef throat: Throat consists of 90% cartilage and is therefore an optimal natural provider of calcium, which is vital for healthy bones and cartilage.
  • Liver: The liver is a detoxification organ and should only be fed rarely and not in large amounts. Terra Faelis only uses liver in very small amounts in a few Meat Menus. Nevertheless it should not be disregarded completely because liver contains various important minerals and trace elements.
  • Eggshells: Terra Faelis replaces essential calcium gained in the wild from the prey's bones by using eggshells. Using comparative before and after analysis, the correct calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.2 : 1.0 was established for each Meat Menu. The addition of eggshells achieves this optimum ratio in a natural way.
  • Fibre and roughage from vegetables, fruit, and herbs: Fibre and roughage is important for the digestion because it activates the digestion and cleanses the bowels. It is important to vary the food because the individual vegetables and fruit contain different vitamins, minerals, trace elements & phytamins (= phytochemicals). The Terra Faelis Meat Menus contain over 20 different varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Grains: A cat will only occasionally ingest grain in small amounts through the gastrointestinal contents of its prey. Therefore its dentition and digestion is not suited to consume and digest large amounts of cereals. It is not an essential nutrition component of your cat’s diet and should therefore only be fed in small amounts. Terra Faelis Meat Menus are grain-free.
  • Sea Algae: Sea algae provide your cat with all essential minerals and trace elements (e.g. calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, etc.), all essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and many important vitamins.
  • Wheat germ oil: Wheat germ oil contains vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids. It combines well with rapeseed oil.
  • Andean salt: Salt is an important element of cat nutrition, as the saline blood of its prey provides the cat with various minerals. Chloride in particular is important for a correct balance of electrolytes. Terra Faelis only uses natural and untreated Andean salt which the Incas called »white gold«.
  • Taurine: This is essential for healthy eyes and heart.

Terra Faelis cat food is tested by an independent, accredited laboratory for food product safety. All Terra Faelis Meat Menus are tested regularly so as to maintain a consistent standard of high quality. All Terra Faelis products bear the quality seal.


Beef, Carrots & Watercress:
Beef heart (32%), beef muscle meat (28%), bovine lung (20%), beef liver (10%), carrots (5%), coconut flour (2%), linseed oil, salmon oil, sweet fennel, watercress (0.3%), seaweed (0.3%), organic eggshell powder (0.2%), clay soil (0.1%).
Turkey, Courgettes & Chamomile:
Turkey hearts (51%), turkey stomachs (24%), turkey liver (15%), courgettes (5%), coconut flour (2%), catnip (0.5%), linseed oil, salmon oil, chamomile (0.3%), sweet fennel, seaweed (0.3%), organic eggshell powder (0.2%), clay soil (0.1%).
Chicken, Squash & Catnip:
Chicken hearts (55%), chicken stomachs (20%), chicken liver (15%), squash (5%), coconut flour (2%), catnip (0.5%), linseed oil, salmon oil, sweet fennel, seaweed (0.3%), organic eggshell powder (0.2%), clay soil (0.1%).
Rabbit with Broccoli & Catnip:
Rabbit muscle meat (75%), turkey liver (15%), broccoli (5%), coconut flour (2%), linseed oil, sweet fennel, catnip (0.3%), seaweed (0.3%), rosehip powder, eggshell powder (0.2%), clay soil.

Nutritional additives:
Taurine (1500 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein 9.3 %
fat 7.6 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 1.0 %
moisture 81.4 %
calories that can be burned 4.8 kcal
protein 10.5 %
fat 3.9 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 1.0 %
moisture 82.6 %
calories that can be burned 3.2 kcal

Feeding guide

Manufacturer’s Feeding Recommendation:
Terra Faelis Meat Menus is a complete feed.

Adult cats/cats of normal weight (4kg-5kg): 200g per day divided into 2 meals


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