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RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken

Product description

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Product description

A complete wet food with chicken for dogs suffering with gastro-intestinal or pancreatic problems. This special diet wet food is low in fat and high in electrolytes and essential carbohydrates
RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken is a complete wet food that has been specifically developed for dogs with gastro-intestinal or stomach issues, or problems with their pancreas. In such situations, it is important that your dog eats nutritious food that is light and easy to digest. A light diet will put less strain on your dog's digestive system and pancreas, and this tasty wet food can help to regulate a sluggish digestive system as well as soothe acute absorption disorders of the intestines. If your dog is suffering with an absorption disorder, it is not always able to retain the important nutrients and trace elements from the food it has eaten, so this RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken has a high electrolyte content that can help to balance this out.

RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken tinned food is also suitable for dogs suffering from endocrine pancreatic insufficiency, where the pancreas produces little or no insulin. The low fat content, combined with a high proportion of valuable carbohydrates, is particularly helpful for dogs with such health issues. Chicken is a source of appetising, easy to digest animal protein which provides your dog with valuable energy. Rice is a well-tolerated, low-allergen source of carbohydrate. The tasty wet food is rounded off with important vitamins and nutrients. RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken is a balanced, nutritious wet food that your dog will enjoy.

RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken at a glance :

  • Dietetic wet food for adult dogs
  • Suitable for dogs with gastro-intestinal or pancreatic problems
  • Suitable for dogs with endocrine pancreatic insufficiency or acute intestinal absorption disorders
  • Helps to regulate digestion
  • High electrolyte content: To provide your dog with an adequate supply of nutrients
  • Low fat content: For increased digestibility
  • High carbohydrate content: To provide your pet with plenty of energy
  • Chicken: A well-accepted source of animal protein
  • Rice: Easy to digest source of carbohydrates
  • With vital vitamins and nutrients


Meat and meat by-products (incl. 14% chicken), grain, eggs and egg products, milk and dairy products, minerals, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, brewer's yeast.
Highly digestible ingredients: chicken (14%), cooked rice (20%), maize (9%), cottage cheese (2%), egg (4%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (300 IU), vitamin E (40mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (30mg), copper [as cuprous-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (3mg), manganese [as manganese-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (2mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.25mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 6.5 %
fat 4.0 %
fibre 0.8 %
ash 1.5 %
calcium 0.2 %
phosphorus 0.15 %
moisture 73.0 %
potassium 0.19 %
sodium 0.15 %

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:

RINTI Canine Intestinal with Chicken is a complete wet dog food.

Recommended feeding time: 1-2 weeks for diarrhoea, 3-12 weeks to aid imbalanced digestion, for the rest of your dog's life for chronic pancreatic insufficiency.
Please make sure your pet always has plenty of fresh water available.
We recommend that you consult a vet prior to feeding your pet with this food for the first time or if you wish to extend the recommended feeding period.

Dog's weight Cans per day
8kg 1
14kg 1.5
35kg 3


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