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RINTI Canine Diabetes with Chicken

Product description

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Product description

Delicious wet food for dogs with diabetes, helps to regulate the glucose supply, high in fibre, low in fat and carbohydrates for a rapid glucose release
RINTI Canine Diabetes with Chicken is formulated to meet the needs of dogs suffering from diabetes. With this condition, it is important that your dog receives a diet which regulates the glucose supply and reduces fluctuations in blood sugar levels. RINTI Canine Diabetes with Chicken is high in fibre, making it very effective in regulating such fluctuations.
A low carbohydrate content with rapid glucose release can increase the positive effect. Corn and rice are easy to digest sources of energy and have a low allergenic potential. These delicious meals are very low in fat, so they are also suitable for dogs with weight issues. Linseed oil provides top quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, helping your dog to maintain healthy skin and shiny fur. Important vitamins and nutrients ensure that your dog has a balanced, tasty meal.

RINTI Canine Diabetes with Chicken at a glance:

  • Dietetic wet food for adult dogs
  • For dogs with diabetes and weight problems
  • Regulates the glucose supply
  • High in fibre: to reduce blood sugar fluctuations
  • Corn and rice: easily digested, low allergen sources of carbohydrate for rapid glucose release
  • Low fat: also suitable for overweight dogs
  • Linseed oil: natural source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and fur
  • With vital vitamins and nutrients for a balanced, complete nutrition
  • Balanced and holistic


Meat and meat by-products (incl. 17% chicken), cooked rice, egg and egg by-products, vegetable by-products (incl. 0.5% psyllium) minerals, linseed oil.
Source of carbohydrates: cooked rice (5%).
Source of short- and medium-chain fatty acids: linseed oil (0.2%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives: 
Vitamin D3 (300 IU), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.25mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (30mg), copper [as cuprous-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (3mg), manganese [as manganous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (2mg), vitamin E [as all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate] (40mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 11.0 %
fat 3.0 %
fibre 3.0 %
ash 2.0 %
calcium 0.27 %
phosphorus 0.2 %
moisture 77.0 %
sodium 0.27 %
starch 2.0 %
calories that can be burned 75.0 kcal/100 g
total sugar 0.5 %

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:

RINTI Canine Diabetes with Chicken is a complete wet dog food.

Recommended feeding time: Initially up to 6 months.
For weight loss: feed approximately 20% less than the recommended amount. Feeding amounts will depend on breed, activity levels and age.
Please make sure your pet always has plenty of fresh water available.
We recommend that you consult a vet prior to feeding your pet with this food for the first time or if you wish to extend the recommended feeding period.

Dog's weight Cans per day
5kg 1
12kg 2
30kg 4



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