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Terra Canis Grain-Free 6 x 400g

Product description

Terra Canis Grain-Free 6 x 400g 5 1
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Venison with Potatoes, Apples & Lingonberries
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Beef with Courgette, Pumpkin & Oregano
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Product description

Terra Canis Grain-Free dog food is a light, wheat-free and easily digestible complete meal. It is suitable for all dogs including those which are overweight or with a sensitive digestion.
Terra Canis Grain-Free is a wheat-free, lactose-free complete meal, suitable for all dogs. It is light and very easy to digest. This calorie-reduced, nutritious dog food is ideal for overweight dogs and because it is wheat-free it is optimal for dogs which suffer from allergies, epilepsy, stomach or intestinal troubles and inflammatory pancreatic and joint illnesses.

Terra Canis dog food is a tasty home-cooked-style meal made from natural, premium ingredients. The Terra Canis nutritional concept with its varied recipes is based on the natural feeding habits of your dog. Careful, gentle preparation of fresh ingredients ensures an optimal diet with all the necessary nutrients to keep your pet healthy.

Terra Canis dog food is produced by an acclaimed Bavarian butcher using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. This third generation family business has already won many awards and prizes for its products and is one of the best butcher's shops in Munich with a reputation for only using high-quality products. As an EU registered food production company, it is subject to strict veterinary controls, it can only store, process, and sell produce of verifiable human consumption quality. This guarantees that Terra Canis dog food is made using the best premium ingredients.

Terra Canis Dog Food at a glance:

  • Meat, fish and other ingredients are freshly processed. The ingredients are of proven human grade quality and sourced in Germany.
  • Terra Canis guarantees that only the ingredients listed are used in the preparation of the food.
  • The gentle cooking process (cold filled then slowly cooked at low temperatures) ensures maximum preservation of the high-quality, natural vitamins, secondary plant substances, minerals/trace elements and proteins.
  • The addition of precisely calculated amounts of organic eggshells and mineral clay ensure an optimal, natural calcium-phosphorus-ratio of 1.3:1.0.
  • Terra Canis consistently avoids the use of bone and animal meal, low grade by-products, fillers, slaughterhouse waste, artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, artificial anti-oxidants and any kind of chemical additives, binding agents or sugar.
  • The result is an appetising and tasty wet dog food, that tastes home made.
Terra Canis Dog Food Ingredients:
  • Muscle meat: provides your dog's organism with high quality proteins and omega-6 fatty acids. This meat includes heart and chicken, turkey and rabbit stomach (stomach and heart are pure muscle and do not count as offal). The proportion of muscle meat in any portion of meat should always be higher than that of any other ingredient and it forms the main part of Terra Canis dog food.
  • Lamb and beef gullet meat: Gullet meat consists of 90% cartilage and is an optimal natural provider of calcium - important for your dog's bones and cartilage.
  • Liver: The liver is a detoxifying organ and should only be fed rarely and in small portions to your dog. It does however contain plenty of minerals and trace elements and should not be entirely excluded from your dog's diet. Terra Canis therefore only uses liver in small quantities in a few of its recipes.
  • Organic eggshell: Terra Canis replaces essential calcium gained in the wild from the prey's bones by using eggshells. Using comparative before and after analysis, the correct calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.3:1.0, was established. The addition of eggshells achieves this optimum ratio in a natural way.
  • Dietary fibre from vegetables, fruit and herbs: Dietary fibre is important for your dog's digestion; it stimulates and cleanses the digestive system. Different kinds of fruit and vegetables contain different kinds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant metabolites, so you should make sure your dog gets a good variety. Terra Canis recipes contain more than 20 different kinds of vegetables, fruit and herbs.
  • Spirulina algae: Spirulina algae provides your dog with all important minerals and trace elements (such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine etc), all essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and many important vitamins.
  • Mineral clay: Mineral clay contains plenty of important minerals and trace elements (for example, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, selenium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc) and also provides all essential amino acids.
  • Rapeseed oil: Rapeseed oil consists of optimally balanced linoleic acid and is ideal for a balanced, healthy diet. It supplies your dog with natural vitamin A and important omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Wheat germ oil: Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids and combines well with rapeseed oil.
  • Andes salt: Salt is an important part of your dog’s diet since it provides a variety of minerals. Chloride in particular is important for a correct balance of electrolytes. In the wild, salt is taken in through the saline blood of the prey. Terra Canis uses natural and untreated Andes salt, the "white gold" of the Incas.
  • Whey: Whey contains the protein with the highest known biological value. It contains minerals, vitamins and numerous amino acids.
  • Rose hip powder: Rose hip powder supplies vitamin C in addition to the dog's natural synthesis which supports the whole organism.
Terra Canis dog food is monitored by an independent, accredited laboratory for food product safety. All recipes are tested regularly so as to maintain a consistent standard of high quality. All Terra Canis products have the seal of quality.

Why does Terra Canis Grain-Free for dogs always contain a little liquid and / or jelly? The answer is quite simple: Fresh, raw meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs have a very high water content (70% to 90%). During the cooking process the water content turns to steam and is reduced. Unlike food is cooked in an open container Terra Canis Grain-Free is cooked in a closed can so the liquid is not reduced and remains in the can. Terra Canis does not use grain, pseudo grain or synthetic binding agents in these menus so the liquid is not thickened. The cooking process gives the liquid a jelly-like consistency. This is a natural process and the jelly should be included as part of the meal since it contains many important nutrients. These recipes do not contain more liquid than Terra Canis Classic Menus which include grain and pseudo grain. The liquid in these recipes has been absorbed and bound by the millet, brown rice or amaranth and is no longer visible.



Beef with Courgette, Squash & Oregano:
Beef muscle meat (25%), beef heart (25%), beef lung (20%), courgettes (11%), parsnips, squash (7%), beetroot, chives, flower pollen, wheat germ, oregano, parsley, seaweed (0.4%), organic eggshell powder (0.4%), Andes salt.
Turkey with Squash, Celeriac & Chamomile:
Turkey muscle meat (38%), turkey heart (32%), celeriac (13%), squash (7%), carrot, rapeseed oil, watercress (1%), basil, chamomile, rosehip, seaweed (0.4%), organic eggshell powder (0.4%).
Meat content (53%).
Chicken with Parsnip, Dandelion & Chamomile:
Chicken heart (28%), chicken stomach (26%), chicken liver (11%), pumpkin, apple, parsnip (6%), blackberries, dandelion (0.5%), coconut flour, linseed oil, pumpkin seed flour, rosehip, organic egg-shell powder (0.5%), mineral earth, Andean salt, seaweed (0.3%), chamomile.
Venison with Potatoes, Apples & Lingonberries:
Venison muscle meat (59%), carrots, potatoes (6%), courgettes, parsnips, apples (5%), lingonberries (4%), rapeseed oil, chives, flower pollen, seaweed (0.4%), organic eggshell powder (0.4%), Andes salt. Rabbit:
Rabbit muscle meat (46%), rabbit liver (16%), carrot, squash, courgette (8%), apricot (4%), coconut flour, pumpkin seed flour, linseed oil, borage (0.5%), organic eggshell powder (0.4%), basil, clay soil, seaweed (0.2%), rose hips, fennel seeds, shredded psyllium, Andes salt.

Lamb with Pumpkin, Parsnip & Passion Flower:
Lamb hearts (42%), lamb lung (12%), carrots, pumpkin (12%), peach, apple, parsnips (8%), linseed oil, desiccated coconut, lupine meal, passion flower (0.4%), dandelion, basil, sage (0.2%), organic egg shell powder (0.4%), seaweed, Andes salt, clay soil, chives.

Terra Canis Grain-Free recipes have a more liquid consistency than other recipes in the Terra Canis range. This is a consequence of using no grain in the recipe. During the cooking process meat, vegetables and fruit lose some of their liquid. The grain absorbs this fluid and binds it together creating a fairly ‘solid’ mass. Since Terra Canis Grain-Free does not use grain or synthetic binding agents the liquid cannot be bound together.

Analytical constituents

protein 10.0 %
fat 3.2 %
fibre 0.9 %
ash 1.1 %
moisture 81.4 %
calories that can be burned 3.1 kcal
protein 8.9 %
fat 3.6 %
fibre 0.8 %
ash 1.3 %
moisture 83.1 %
calories that can be burned 2.9 MJ/kg
protein 9.3 %
fat 7.8 %
fibre 1.2 %
ash 1.2 %
moisture 78.3 %
calories that can be burned 4.4 MJ/kg
protein 9.0 %
fat 4.9 %
fibre 0.9 %
ash 1.4 %
moisture 80.7 %
calories that can be burned 3.5 MJ/kg
protein 9.1 %
fat 7.6 %
fibre 0.8 %
ash 1.3 %
moisture 79.1 %
calories that can be burned 4.3 MJ/kg

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendations:

adult/slim dogs: 3-3.5% of body weight per day
elderly/overweight dogs: 2-2.5% of body weight per day
Daily portions should be divided into 2 meals.

These are approximate measures and should be adjusted to your dog’s individual requirements (activity levels, amount of exercise, breed, metabolism, season). Terra Canis is a complete dog food.


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