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HUNTER Road Refresher Travel Bowl

Product description

HUNTER Road Refresher Travel Bowl 5 1
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Product description

This practical water bowl is perfect for keeping your dog hydrated on car journeys, with a velcro fastening on the underside & a clever design that helps prevent water from splashing out of the bowl.
The three-part construction of the HUNTER Road Refresher Travel Bowl consists of a bowl, floating element and overhanging edge. It allows you to ensure your dog has water available even on long car journeys. The bowl is slip-proof and has a velcro fastener underneath that fastens to carpets or the floor of your boot. This ensures the bowl stays still even around corners or during sudden movements.

The floating element limits the amount of water available, so that your dog can drink without too much slobbering! The special edge design ensures water does not escape the bowl and puddles do not form around the edge. The HUNTER Road Refresher Travel Bowl is easy to clean, as it can be taken apart and then reassembled. This clever accessory makes long car journeys easier for your dog and less stressful for you – perfect!

HUNTER Road Refresher Travel Bowl at a glance:

  • Dog water bowl
  • Special three-part construction, ideal for car journeys
  • Slip-proof: with velcro fastener underneath that sticks to carpet and boot floors, preventing the bowl moving on corners or sudden movements
  • Limited amount of water: the floating element ensures your dog can only take small amounts at a time, preventing too much slobbering
  • Anti-splash edge: over-hanging edge that prevents water splashing out of the bowl and forming puddles on the floor
  • Easy to clean: can be taken apart and reassembled
  • Versatile: ideal for long car journeys but also for use at home or on outings
  • Colour: grey, black
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: diameter 25cm
  • Capacity: 1.4l


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