Fortan Dental Care
Fortan Dental Care

Fortan Dental Care

Proven care product effective against tartar, guarantees pearly white teeth and prevents bad breath; user-friendly application...further information
Product description
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Couldn't expect: "It's a great thing to cope with dental problems and teach a grown-up dog (e.g. saved shelter dog) to let to brush its teeth. Has pleasant smell and probably tastes good, because my d...

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Product description

Proven care product effective against tartar, guarantees pearly white teeth and prevents bad breath; user-friendly application

Fortan Dental Care is an effective tooth care remedy against tartar and bad breath and is easy to apply.

Regular tooth care protects from films of bacteria (plaque). Numerous bacteria gather in the mouth, where they attach to tooth surfaces and multiply. In combination with food left-overs this first creates a sticky layer of bacteria. Embedding of minerals in the plaque then turns the bacteria layers into tartar. From here, plaque bacteria invade tooth interspaces and give out metabolising substances which destroy the connective tissue between teeth and gums. The consequences are well-known: gums retreat, teeth become loose and fall out or have to be extracted. Plaque bacteria may also spread throughout the whole body and threaten general health.

Fortan Dental Care is a proven, user-friendly active care product that works preventively against the accumulation of plaque on tooth surfaces, prevents bad breath and promotes pearly white teeth.
The product is completely harmless if swallowed!


Detergents, sorbitol, plant extracts, mineral salts, water

Feeding guide

Put a few drops of Fortan Dental Care on a piece of lint and massage your dogs teeth and gums. Rub off moving from red to white.
Apply once a week; where there are already thick deposits use daily for the first 3 - 5 days.


Latest user reviews

: 1/5

Doesn’t work

It’s been one week using for my 2 dogs, nothing change I just worn out cleaning dogs teeth.
27/10/17 | Anastassia
: 5/5

Couldn't expect

It's a great thing to cope with dental problems and teach a grown-up dog (e.g. saved shelter dog) to let to brush its teeth. Has pleasant smell and probably tastes good, because my dog tries to lick it. And a finger with a piece of tissue is not so scary for the "beginner" dog as a toothbrush. Certainly this doesn't replace daily hygiene, but for the dogs more prone to tartar and bad breath it's a good supplementary measure.
20/07/17 | Emma Wilson
: 5/5


Both my dogs had build up of plaque on their back teeth. The instructions were to put the solution on some lint or cotton wool and rub it into the plaque, leave for about a minute before trying to scrape off what you can. After three days I had manage to scratch all the plaque off one of my dog's teeth and it's made a huge difference to the other. Persevere guys!
Originally published in
17/01/14 | Deb
: 5/5

Keep going, it really works

My dog had bad scale and sore gums (has very bad jaw alignment, and seems to build-up scale quickly - noticed on checking one day, felt terrible). Have been working away 2-3 times a day, and after few weeks her gums are now calm (for gums, I use alcohol free human chlorohexidine mouthwash too, as recommended by vet), several of the really bad teeth almost scale free, the very worst ones getting gradually better - I see more white tooth each time. Luckily for me, she is fairly tolerant. Once clear, I will keep brushing her teeth daily and using Fortan couple of times a week as needed.
Originally published in
18/12/13 | Heather Davis
: 5/5


I have three very small Papillons,I cannot find a toothbrush small enough to get to back teeth,so I use a cotton wool bud that has been dipped in fortan and gently massage thier back teeth and gums.This gives them lovely clean teeth and super non smelly breath .
Originally published in
20/05/13 | toula
: 5/5

fanastic product

I too use this with logic toothpaste too and the results are amazing we have several Chihuahuas that are prone to teeth problems and some are too posh to chew on bones, within a week of use this you can notice the difference
Originally published in
21/02/13 | Diana
: 5/5

Fantastic dental care!

It's really working! I was surprised how fast tartar disappeared. Highly recommend!!!
Originally published in
17/07/12 | Judy
: 5/5


To be honest, I didn't really expect much from this product having tried many 'guaranteed' dental care products in the past, but on the third day of application of Fortan, a sizeable piece of tartar fell off of one of my dog's teeth, really without any effort. I'm impressed, and will continue using it! Already recommended it to several friends.
Originally published in
: 5/5


Bought this as a last resort to avoid having to get the vet to remove the tartar from our great danes back teeth he had seen how bad they were when she had her booster recently and was very keen to book her in to remove it! That would have cost a small fortune! I have been using this combined with logic toothpaste and chews and have managed to almost completely remove a heavy tartar build up in just a few weeks of use which I never thought would be possible!! Have used on two great danes and still plenty left in bottle. It took a few applications over a couple of weeks to start to break down the tartar which eventually just breaks off the teeth. Excellent product and definately worth a try!!
09/03/10 | Lesley
: 5/5

unbeliveably effective

on using for the first time it removed a 2mm piece of tartar after flicking it with my nail,brilliant.
Originally published in
: 1/5

I agree with the previous review

It's been well documented in veterinary journals that the physical action of brushing the teeth and feeding dry food is the only way to reduce and prevent plaque and tartar.
: 1/5


Sorry, if you want to keep tartar(calculus) away you have to wash the dog's teeth, just like your own. No other way to do it.