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Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar

Product description

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Product description

Soft, inflatable collar for dogs to prevent your pet from licking or biting wounds or eczema around the head, chest or back. It is comfortable and offers no severe impairment to your dog’s movement.
Help wounds and eczema heal faster with this Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar, reliably stopping your dog from licking or nipping at open wounds or inflamed skin. This inflatable ring is ideal for injuries around the entire head, chest or back area. It resembles a large armband for swimming, and offers your dog a great deal of comfort. Unlike traditional protective collars made from hard plastic, this Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar does not restrict your dog’s vision or hearing. This should minimise the risk of your dog bumping into things or getting caught on objects, reducing the risk of further injury being caused.

The Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar is made from soft, flexible yet durable material. It is easily and quickly fastened with a Velcro fastener around your dog’s neck, adjustable to the correct size. Eating, drinking, sniffing and playing are all still possible with minimal interference from the Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar. It is particularly suitable for nervous dogs that have a strong aversion to conventional, inflexible neck collars. This is a useful accessory that can help support the healing process for skin wounds or illnesses, offering protective measures without restricting freedom of movement.

Trixie Inflatable Protective Collar at a glance:
  • Soft, inflatable protective collar for dogs
  • Prevents your dog from licking or nibbling at wounds or eczema around the head, neck or back
  • Highly comfortable to wear: eating, drinking, sniffing and playing are all still possible with minimal restriction
  • Little impact: does not greatly affect your dog’s vision or hearing
  • Flexible and comfortable: more pleasant to wear than a traditional hard plastic cone
  • Minimal risk of injury: helps keep your dog from bumping into hard surfaces, stairs or walls, as well as getting caught on things
  • Easy to use: can easily be adapted to fit your dog’s neck size
  • Ideal for nervous dogs: even accepted by dogs that shy away from classic inflexible cones
  • Secure fit: straps can be adjusted to ensure the collar cannot be shrugged off
  • Easy to clean: simply wash with warm water or disinfectant
  • Robust
  • Colour: blue
  • Material: polyurethane/polyethylene
Sizing chart:
Size Neck circumference
(range of length)
Collar Suitable for:
XXS 14-18cm <20cm Chihuahua
XS 20-24cm 20-30cm Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Pinscher
S 24-31cm 25-35cm Sheltie, Jack Russell Terrier
M-L 45-57cm 45-60cm Australian Shepherd
L-XL 66-78cm 55-70cm German Shepherd, Bernese mountain dog

Please note: Accustom your dog gradually to the protective collar. It should only be worn under supervision. Not suitable for permanent use. When resting, the collar should be removed to ensure your dog can achieve a natural sleeping position.

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