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O'Tom Tick Twister

Product description

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Product description

Simple and safe removal of ticks, the true alternative to tick tweezers.
Contents: 2 Tick Hooks - 1 x for small ticks and 1 x for larger ticks.

The tick hook allows a painless, quick, and complete removal of ticks from your pet's skin. And it is easier to use than tick tweezers!
In tick removal, there is no force exerted on the body of the tick, so that no bacteria can be injected into the skin.

The bright orange makes it easy to always find your O'Tom Tick Hook if it ever falls in the grass or shrubbery.

O'Tom Tick Twisters User Instructions:

Use the appropriately sized hook - a large hook for swollen ticks, a small hook for ticks that have only just attached themselves.

Try to get the hook right under the tick!

Don't pull, only twist to get the tick off.

Advantages of tick removal with O'Tom:

  • No parts of the tick are left behind in the skin
  • Absolutely simple and safe removal of ticks
  • Painless removal in just a few seconds
  • No oil or other "old fashioned" methods
  • Because there is no pressure on the tick's body, infections can be prevented



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