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Dog Kennel Spike Special

Product description

Dog Kennel Spike Special 5 14
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S: 102 x 64 x 65 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

This sturdy and attractive outdoor dog kennel features a pitched roof & a sheltered patio, making for a special, protective home for your pet. Easy to assemble and made from pre-oiled spruce wood.
The generously oiled fir wood makes Dog Kennel Spike Special an excellent weather & winter proof home.

The sheltered patio provides protection from rain and wind, while offering a nice and cool shadow on sunny days. Your dog can thus enjoy more fresh air during the summer.

It's the perfect 4-season dog shelter with a roof overhang and a bottom clearance (8.5 cm) to protect your dog from the wet ground while helping your kennel last longer. The roof is made from specially treated material for that extra weather proofing.

An Additional Plus: Assemble this kennel easily with only a few screws.

Spike Special Dog Kennel at a glance:

  • Year-round dog kennel with pitched roof
  • Pre-oiled spruce wood: to provide a weather-proof, winter-proof home
  • Sheltered patio: the ideal place for your dog to relax and laze around, whatever the weather
  • Easy to assemble: with just a few screws
  • Pivoting feet: the height of each foot can be adjusted individually, making it ideal for use even on uneven surfaces
  • Feet with rubber caps: optimum protection against damp
  • Floor clearance: allowing for air circulation around the kennel
  • Waterproof pitched roof: with a structured, overlapping roofing felt
  • Material:
    • Wood: spruce
    • Roof: asphalt

Attention:Your dog kennel should never be too big for your dog - meaning if your dog's own body heat is not sufficient to maintain a warm temperature inside, a smaller kennel is recommended to prevent your pet from freezing.
Tip: To make your dog feel at home, place a blanket inside the kennel.

Specifications in cm:

L x W x H (topmost point)
102 cm x 64 cm x 65 cm 120 cm x 75 cm x 77 cm 132 cm x 85 cm x 86 cm
Interior - left:
L x W
44 cm x 45 cm 55 cm x 56 cm 62 cm x 63 cm
Interior - right:
L x W
44 cm x 45 cm 55 cm x 56 cm 62 cm x 63 cm
Ground clearance: 10 cm to 11.5 cm variable 10 cm to 11.5 cm variable 10 cm to 11.5 cm variable
Wall depth: 1 cm 1 cm 1 cm
Roof overhang:
Entry / Page / Back
7 cm / 8 cm / 4.7 cm 7 cm / 8 cm / 4.7 cm 7 cm / 7 cm / 5.3 cm
Width / Height (centre)
22 cm / 33 cm 29 cm / 42 cm 30 cm / 44 cm

Please note: Without treatment, timber will dry out and can become brittle, warped or shabby. Please ensure your pet home is regularly cleaned and treated. We recommend treating dens and houses which will be used outside with wood care and impregnating products. Always make sure products used are suitable and harmless for pets. Placing the pet home in a sheltered spot will also help to reduce wear.

This product cannot be delivered to Northern Ireland.


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